Monday, May 27, 2013

Kibby Lau denies sexual services

Model-actress Kibby Lau recently dismissed rumours of a sex scandal in Macau, following reports saying that the actress has pocketed a hefty amount of money to service a man from mainland China, Jayne Stars reported. On 14 May, the actress received HKD 250,000 (app. USD 32,204) to spend a night with a middle-aged man at a hotel in Macau.

Kibby, who suspiciously boarded a minivan in Macau, was spotted having dinner with the man in question before entering Star World Hotel together. The actress was not seen leaving the hotel that same night.

Several sources also claimed that they possess an audio recording of the situation, whereby an alleged Kibby asked the man for his age and origin, and whether or not it is going to be a "fast job". The voice also told the man to delete the content on his WhatsApp to avoid leakage.

However, Kibby was quick to deny the reports, and clarified that she was having dinner for a friend's birthday, and they had gone into the hotel to sing karaoke.
When asked why she was not seen leaving the hotel, Kibby said that there were many exits and the paparazzi may have missed her when she did.

The upset actress also responded via Weibo the next day, stating, "Twisted words can indeed kill someone. When a teacher gives you a photo, you can write a story based on it. The author can vividly put it into words, making it provocative, funny, touching, or repulsive. I am only a woman. If you remove the glamorous mask, I am still a person of flesh and blood who has thoughts and feelings. Thank you to my family and friends who care for me and trust me. Don't worry, I'm fine! It's not true when it's not true!"


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