Tuesday, May 7, 2013

"Love Rivals" Eliza Sam & Tavia Yeung Exaggerates Pretending to be Friends

TV Queen Tavia Yeung, Eliza Sam, Lawrence Ng, Louisa So and Tracy Chu were at Sham Tseng shooting for TVB new series The Hippocratic Crush II. The girls were at the beach playing actively, but unfortunately didn't have any sexy appearances. Recently it was rumored Tavia's boyfriend Him Law has been treating Heung Heung especially well, but the two "love rivals" have not been affected at all, still chatting and laughing together.

Rising star Heung Heung has been surrounded by rumors nonstop, practically all the male artists like her. She expressed she feels helpless: "I don't feel they treat me especially well. Perhaps because I'm blood type O and attract more mosquitoes. (Rumored with Him?) Nonsense! I do not feel there is such thing at all! Tavia and I have a very good relationship. Earlier when we were out on a business trip together, I especially switch seats to sit with her." Tavia also expressed she and Heung Heung are really good friends. Asked whether Him Him and Heung Heung should keep their distance? She joked: "I will tell Heung Heung to stick to me more often. Why not, rumor me and her!" Then Heung Heung ran over to Tavia and threw her arm around her shoulder and pretended to kiss her. They are indeed "so friend that nobody knows"!

Tavia and the others were filming with child stars, asked whether Tavia plans on having babies of her own? She said: "Leave it to fate! (What happens if there is an accident?) I'm a grown person, how would that happen!"

Lawrence and Louisa were strolling on the beach, but when asked in real life, will they bring their other half to stroll on the beach? Lawrence joked: "Not just my wife, I bought many others here!" Louis also expressed she likes the romantic feeling of strolling the beach with a lover.

Tracy Chu expressed she told her two younger sisters to participate in Miss Hong Kong. When asked of their ages? But unexpectedly Tracy got their ages wrong! She laughed: "Because my role is 2 years older than my actual age, so I'm getting my own age all confused too."


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