Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Selena Li Afraid of Pain, Denies Getting a Nose Job

Yesterday Selena Li, Raymond Wong, Lee Yee Man and Elaine Yiu attended the Slow Boat Home promotional event held in Sai Kung. It was reported Selena got a nose job to turn her nose into a "prosperous husband nose" just for the sake of marrying into a wealthy family. Selena laughed at the rumor: "I don't know what a lucky husband nose is. When I was a teenager, I injured my nose while playing basketball and didn't go see a doctor. Later, a doctor suggested that I go get it done, but I'm afraid of pain and didn't think it was necessary. I'm afraid one mistake will cost me a lifetime. Actually every individual has regret and nothing is perfect, so I never done plastic surgery on any part of my body."

Selena thanked the magazines for complimenting that she looks prettier than before. Last month, a magazine spotted her several times at the gym in Kayi Cheung's residence. Why is she such good friends with ex-boyfriend Patrick Tang's rumored girlfriend Kayi? She said: "I am certain she is not with Patrick Tang."


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