Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Kate Tsui Turns "HK Girl" gets All Over Dayo Wong on the Streets of Central

Last night, Kate Tsui, Dayo Wong and Grace Wong were shooting in Central for TVB new series My Prime Lady. The scene was about Dayo and Kate demonstrating how a "HK Guy" and "HK Girl" date on the street to the tomboy Grace. Dressed in a fire red deep V dress, Kate first bit her lip and brushed her hair to the side, then forced Dayo to make a kiss expression to take pictures with her. Kate was all over Dayo and making whiny noises.

Asked if the two have any kiss scenes? Dayo said: "This lesson does not teach kissing. That lesson would be more expensive. (Kiss scenes?) I'm not sure about later, but not at the moment." When speaking of the recent tide of low ratings for TVB series, it was rumored My Prime Lady is going to rescue the ratings? Dayo said: "It's a rumor. I believe this series won't be able to broadcast for the next 6 months because we still have to take out several months of filming plus a few more months of post-production work. (Worried about the ratings?) I don't think we can predict the ratings for any series."

As for the "HK girl" Kate Tsui, she laughed and said its hard to be one. Kate said: "I was watching the playbacks, I couldn't stand myself. This time, we are trying to be funny, so some parts are a bit dramatic. (Succeed Dayo?) Of course not! Because he's god-level, I'm just a normal commoner." When speaking of Tavia Yeung's intentions of heading up north for gold digging? Kate expressed let nature take its course, the most important is character development.

Grace appeared in a black low-cut outfit, she frankly expressed she felt very nervous filming with Dayo. She disclosed she's just guest starring in 3 episodes.


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