Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Liza Wang Gets Followed, So Frightened Shouts: "Crazy Lady!"

A few days ago, Liza Wang and her friends went on a cruise trip to Lamma Island to watch Chinese opera. During the ride there, Liza enjoyed watching a giant Rubber Duck's butt. What a fun joy ride! After that, Liza and friends traveled to Hangzhou. Yesterday Liza exploded on Weibo: "Crazy lady! Psycho." Why is Liza so upset? It turns out someone scared her. When Liza arrived at the 5-star hotel, she had dinner and then strolled around the garden. Due to the gloomy atmosphere and not many people were around, this lady suddenly comes up behind her and shouts Liza's name. Liza jumped in fear and quickly ran to the elevator. Later, Liza got more upset, the more she thought about it. She wrote on Weibo: "That can scare someone to death! Such nonsense! Crazy lady! Psycho!" Liza expressed that lady just came out of nowhere; who knows how long that lady had been following Liza and what motive she had.


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