Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ruco Chan & Elaine Yiu Enjoys Traveling Taiwan

Earlier Ruco Chan went to Taiwan to shoot a travel special with Elaine Yiu, Priscilla Wong and Jason Chan. He said: "Actually I enjoy traveling and eating around too. I hope to have this opportunity soon, but it's strange, many people like traveling to Europe. I actually like to go back to China, I think there are many beautiful places there. I hope we'll have a chance to film in a place where there aren't that many people around."

When speaking of Taiwanese girls are very gentle. Did he meet someone there? Ruco laughed: "I have a Taiwanese girl right next to me, Elaine! We had a tight schedule this time, so didn't get the chance to walk around." When speaking of his new series Slow Boat Home starts out with a good rating? He happily expressed everyone's hard work paid off. "I hope we can get a sequel. (Celebration?) If the rating increases by 1 point each week, we must celebrate!" Many artists have intentions to move up north for work? Ruco thinks differently: "I did get a few offers to shoot Mainland series, but I hope to shoot more HK series. Money is not the most important, I want to do my best on my own part first."


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