Saturday, June 30, 2012

Virgina Lok's 53rd birthday party, Raymond Lam arrives late

July 1st is Virgina Lok's 53rd birthday. It turns out she had her party on June 30th because her birthday is the same day as the TVB Most Popular TV Commercial Awards. In a red low-cut dress, Virgina appeared at the party location half an hour early. When asked if Joel Chan is coming to celebrate with her? She said: "Don't play him, I didn't invite that many artists. Many of them are in Mainland, like Charmaine Sheh, Bosco Wong and Kevin Cheng can't make it."

Although there was a typhoon warning last night, the group of artists including Samantha Ko, Linda Chung, Pierre Ngo, Ruco Chan, Candy Cheung, Koni Lui, Nancy Wu, Eric Tsang, Michael Miu and his wife Jamie Chik, Raymond Lam, Tracy Ip, Kristal Tin and her husband Chapman To all attended the party. Some carried gifts with them. Tracy Ip, who broke her bones earlier, arrived in crutches with Rebecca Zhu. Fala Chen sent her boyfriend Sit Sai Hang (from Neway) out as her representative and EEG CEO Ng Yue also attended.

Virgina's favorite Raymond Lam was late to the party, but it turns out he had to work. He arrived with his cousin Lin Xiawei. A reporter asked Raymond if Virgina was accommodating his schedule, so changed the party date to today? He laughed: "Of course not, I'm busy everyday. How much could she accommodate.

Myolie Wu, Kevin Cheng, Michael Tse's TVB series nominated on 7th Seoul TV Awards

Michael Tse's Lives of Omission, Myolie Wu's Curse of the Royal Harem and Kevin Cheng's Ghetto Justice have been nominated for Korea's 7th Seoul TV Drama Awards, held on August 30th, competing against TV series from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, United States, the Philippines and many other countries. Kevin's popular Mainland series Startling By Each Step is also part of the nomination competing against popular Korean dramas Rooftop Prince and The Moon That Embraces the Sun as well as over 200 other TV series worldwide.

After learning Lives of Omission made it on the nominations, Michael said: "I haven't got the notice yet, never thought we'll be in the nominations, very shocked and surprised. Of course I'm happy, and plan to go have Korean food to celebrate. The nomination proves that HK series are attractive and language isn't an issue. The most important is the quality."

TV Queen Myolie Wu scored 'double' with Curse of the Royal Harem and Ghetto Justice and following Charmaine Sheh, she may even snag the Most Popular HK Actress Award too. She said: "With two series, the chances are higher and I hope to get the award too. However, I don't dare to put my hopes up too high because I'm afraid I'll be disappointed. I hope to visit Seoul too, haven't been to Korea in a long time and want to see the Korean fans. In the next few days, I'll be heading over to Beijing to attend the Hua Ding awards, competing for the Best Actress award. I have okay confidence, my opponents are strong!"

Joel Chan implies Virgina Lok loves to sell herself not her 'products'

After Joel Chan started dating Florinda Ho, he's often showing off their sweet moments on Weibo. However, when Joel learned that Virgina Lok said he's not interested in shooting series anymore, yesterday he refuted on Weibo: "Just what is the primarily duty of an Executive, is it to sell themselves....or sell their products?" His girlfriend, Florinda, also supported Joel by replying to him: "Depends on the industry and personal interest, each have their own ambitions."

Yesterday Virgina Lok attended an event in Tsim Sha Tsui, and after reporters showed her the comment Joel left on Weibo, she was asked if the executive Joel referred to was her? She said: "I don't understand what the meaning of his comment is. (What jobs does Joel have now?) He took vacation. When he told us, he said he temporarily won't be accepting jobs, apparently he wants to start a business. Actually there are people offering him jobs, but he told his manager he doesn't want to accept any yet. However, it's fine that he's taking vacation because he does not owe TVB any shows."

Virgina stressed its not a problem that Joel takes vacation because he does not owe TVB any shows, but up until today it has already been 6 months since he's done anything. She also wanted to call Joel to ask what's happening. She said: "I've asked Derek Kwok (Joel's good friend) for his opinion, and I do want to invite Joel out to discuss too. If he wants to terminate the contract, we can sit down and talk about it."

[Oriental Daily] asked Joel if the executive he referred to on Weibo, Virgina Lok, he responded yesterday: "why would that be? I understand her and I'm tolerant for her concern and care. (What do you understand about her?) I understand she cares about me. As a junior, I am tolerant and appreciate her care over the last many years." Florinda also responded supporting her boyfriend: "I believe he's a person that knows his blessings."

CHI CHI releases “Love is Energy” MV

CHI CHI has released the music video for their third digital single “Love is Energy“!

The 5-member group, including new member Shine, recently wrapped up promotions in Japan. They’ll be making a comeback with “Love is Energy”, which was released on June 29th KST.

Check out CHI CHI’s “Love is Energy” MV below!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Denise Ho refuses to respond or send blessings to 'Joey-Wilfred'

Joey Yung, Wilfred Lau and Denise Ho's love triangle unfolded continuous confusion. The three of them initially had many years of friendship, but since the 'Joey-Wilfred Romance' broke out, the relationship turned into a drama. Denise described her feelings as a "knife cut through her heart", and cut off her friendship with Wilfred. Regarded as the 'victim' in the whole issue, Denise finally makes a public appearance after 12 days of immerse, but refused to respond to the 'Joey-Wilfred Romance'.

Last night, Denise attended TABOO's Naughty and Naughtier Show in Macau. At 7:50pm, Denise was at the HK Macau Ferry Terminal prepared to take the 8pm ferry to Macau. Reporters surrounded her asking questions as she walked into the terminal. Asked how she's feeling now? Denise forced a smile: "I'll answer you when I get there (Macau). (What do you think of Joey and Wilfred dating?) I'll answer you in private, when I get there I'll answer you. (Are they still your friends?) Huh! Did you have dinner yet?" When asked if she'll send her blessings to Joey and Wilfred? She first did another "huh", and then smiled: "Aiya! Thanks for all your hard work. (Emotions haven't recovered?) I'm happy to see you all." When walking up the escalator, Denise saw reporters rushing over to her and didn't forget to caution them: "Careful." Then she waved goodbye to the media and got on the ferry.

When Denise got to Macau, she changed into an orange outfit, and clearly looked unhappy. She forced a smile during the pictures. When asked how she found out about Joey and Wilfred's relationship? She said: "Let me put it this way, over the last many years, I have always been low-key towards gossips, rumors or even others' relationships. I have never publicly explained anything. I know it's difficult for all of you, but I hope you all can understand me. I don't want to always respond and make everyone speculate even more, twist it more and then the issue never ends." She expressed her messages on Weibo were just her thoughts of that day, and she never thought of talking about it in public. She said: "It is very personal, I never thought the whole issue would develop into this."

Not only did Denise not send her blessings to 'Joey-Wilfred', she didn't even want to be friends anymore. When asked again if Joey and Wilfred are still her friends? She avoided the question: "At this moment, I have already gave answered everything I could. I hope you all can adopt to my silence. I know you all have many questions to ask me, but I just cannot answer you." Then, no matter how much reporters tried to ask, she repeated that she did not want to respond any further and did not want to stir up any more speculations. Finally, when asked if she found herself a new love interest? She said: "I cannot respond that much."

Sharon Chan shows off nice legs in her short shorts, but exposes herself

Yesterday Sharon Chan, Wayne Lai, Kent Cheng, Kristal Ting, Natalie Tong and the Miss Hong Kong (MHK) contestants attended TVB's Amazing Summer press conference, where TVB introduces their summer programs lineup. Sharon was dressed carefully for the occasion with white short shorts and a belly button revealing top, showing off her beautiful 42 inch legs and fine waist. She stole the limelight from the group of MHK. Unfortunately, her shorts caused some cleavage for her. Her leopard panties and half buttocks were exposed, Sharon expressed she was just trying to accommodate the Amazing Summer theme, and did not deliberately try to steal the limelight from the MHK. When she learned she carelessly exposed herself, she did not mind at all and expressed: "The shorts are just too short, I didn't even know I exposed myself. No fear, I have underpants on, if I didn't, then I would be afraid. My underwear's pattern matches my shorts well, but next time I'll be more careful."

Wayne and Kent's new series King Master will be airing during summer vacation. Kristal expressed she's honored to be able to learn from film king Kent and TV king Wayne, but Kent claimed: "I'm an out-of-date film king, Wayne is the TV King, he should be getting the award this year too." Later, Kent joked and said he wants to continue the bad terms rumor he had with Wayne earlier. Wayne said his other series with Kent, The Greatness of a Hero is currently one of the top three rated series this year, and he hopes King Master will do even better.

Joel Chan attends event with girlfriend in matching rings, rumor marriage is near

Yesterday Joel Chan and his girlfriend Florinda Ho ('Gambling King' Stanley Ho's daughter) attended an event together as a couple. It was rumored that the couple are planning to get married. At 5pm, when the couple appeared at the LANDMARK MEN's summer party event, they were seen wearing matching golden Gucci rings. It was understood, Joel got the rings as a gift, he even got the rings prepared, looks like their 'good occasion' is really coming close!

When Joel was asked about the news regarding to his contract termination with TVB? He said: "I cannot reveal anything. TVB and I have a good relationship. (Earlier it was said you were frozen by TVB?) Actually since I started dating, there had been a lot of news and speculations. I'm already used to it and have consensus (with Florinda), we face everything positively. (Will you still be shooting series?) It is not convenient for me to say. (What are your work plans?) I have a stable and fix job, just doing what I like to do."

Florinda took initiative to clarify the rumors that her Gambling King father invested in helping them open a fashion design company. She said it is not true. Joel stressed they are financially independent: "After all, I currently have a job and income. I am living happily, enjoying work and enjoying my love life." When speaking of Joey Yung and Wilfred Lau's relationship, it was said the woman is superior to the man? Florinda said: "Actually a couple dating happily is enough. It is not necessary to care about what others think. There has to be some joy in life, so I support pursuing doing things that one enjoys. (It was said you're spending all on the man, are you unhappy?) No, basically whoever I'm with, unless he is wealthy, this question will arise."

Reporters later called Florinda again to ask about the 'good occasion' (marriage) coming near, she laughed loudly: "Don't be so sensitive. We are still young people. We're dating, so we try to match our accessories, that's it. (Engaged yet?) Not the right time yet."

Joel actually still has three years left in his contract with TVB, Virgina Lok admitted yesterday over the phone and expressed it's not a problem "He's still on break indefinitely."

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

'Tiger Cubs' celebrates weekend broadcast success, Joe Ma relieved

TVB new weekend series Tiger Cubs premiered on Sunday. The first episode averaged at 29 points and peaked at 30 points, making it the highest rated series of last week. Yesterday the cast celebrated the success as well as lead actor Joe Ma's 44th birthday. Mandy Wong, JJ Jia and Kayi Cheung gave him blow kisses. Kenneth Ma later gave Joe a birthday hug. The producer then asked Vincent Wong and Him Law to embrace, making it a funny moment.

Joe is very pleased with the ratings, when asked if he felt relieved? He smiled: "Yes, yes." He believed its necessary to fumble when the series is airing at a new time slot. Initially, they thought the ratings would just be between 23-25 points, but now with such good results, the cast and crew are very excited and hopes the ratings continues to rise. As viewers complained of the terrifying scenes? Joe explained: "These are often the cases that require SDU's assistance. The future cases will continue to be bloody and violent, so that's why the series is broadcasting in the late evenings." It was said the series plagiarized the film Breaking News? He said: "Police films are inevitably linked to robberies, most important is the acting and artists giving off a fresh feeling. That is how viewers can watch happily." Joe reveals he'll be treating the entire cast and crew for a celebration later this evening and will bring his wife and son along.

The producer exposed Kenneth and JJ's kiss scene NGed several times, Kenneth laughed: "All thanks to the behind-the-scenes crew, if it wasn't the microphone having issues, then there were problems with the lighting." However, after JJ had a kiss scene with Oscar Leung the other day, she didn't want to kiss any other person anymore because she thought he was the best to kiss. JJ denied she said such thing, and said Oscar was just speaking nonsense.

Liza Wang's 45th anniversary to hold 10 show tribute concert

As the chairperson of the Chinese Artist Association of Hong Kong (CAAHK)), yesterday Liza Wang attended a press conference for the Cantonese Opera Education Cooperative Plan in Yau Ma Tei. Liza reveals CAAHK and Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) partners in a three year plan, beginning from July 17th, to host 130 new talent performances at the Yau Ma Tei theatre. This gives young people, wanting to learn Cantonese opera, opportunities for practical experience. Also, there will be another 72 travel shows, allowing both local and international audience to enjoy the show and advocate for Cantonese opera at the same time. The Cantonese opera development fund allocates HK$3.8 million annually, Mr. Lee Kui Ming, contributes HK$1 million for costumes and ticket prices because the most expensive ticket is only HK$100.

This year, it is Liza's 45th anniversary in showbiz, she is already scheduled to hold a tribute concert over the Christmas holidays. It is currently set for 10 shows, and adding shows will depend on the ticket sales and her physical condition. Liza reveals this time she'll be performing Broadway style, a enormous production and invited Sunny Wong to lead the dance rehearsals.

Yumiko Cheng's falls 30ft, branch pierced into her back, after coma: "OK, Not Dead Yet!"

Yumiko Cheng debuted as a dance-singer, but has recently switched to acting in Mainland dramas. She has also become great friends with many of the artists there. Last week she and her makeup artist boyfriend (Andy) flew to Bangkok, Thailand to celebrate good friend Cherrie Ying's birthday. On June 19th after she had breakfast with her friends, she took pictures on the balcony by the swimming pool at the hotel. Due to the wet floor at the pool and the lack of fencing, Yumiko and the birthday girl (Cherrie) took the wrong step, slipped and fell off the floor together. The birthday girl luckily only suffered from minor injuries, but Yumiko fell 30 feet down, from the 3rd floor down to the 1st floor. A tree branch pierced through her back and through her lung region. Her condition was critical as she fell unconscious on the spot. Yumiko was immediately rushed to the hospital for rescue.

After the emergency surgery, Yumiko was in a coma for two days and finally woke up on June 21st. The doctor expressed she has already got through the crisis. The branch went through her lungs and 5th cervical vetebrae, therefore Yumiko feels pain when she breathes and cannot move like normal. She will need to put on a neck brace, be on bed rest and do some physical therapy.

It was understood that Yumiko considered flying back to HK on a private jet for treatment, but with her current condition, she cannot fly. Her boyfriend Andy, good friend Jordan Chan and other friends remained in Bangkok to look after Yumiko. Yesterday reporters called Yumiko, although she wasn't able to answer the call, but she did respond through Whatsapp: "OK, I'm not dead yet!" Looks like she's doing better now. Yumiko also reveals she will have to stay in Bangkok for some time.

Ethan Ruan criticised for having an easy life in the army

Golden Horse Best Actor Ethan Ruan was criticised for getting preferential treatment after news that news that he has been attached to the Education Department for four months surfaced.

After enlisting in the army, Ethan has tried to keep a low profile. When the large scale public event which he attended drew a large crowd of reporters, the heartthrob looked slightly pressured by the number of people present.

When asked about him having it easy in the army, Ethan admitted that his job scope was slightly easier than that of others, but emphasised that everyone has a different role to play. He shared that he would focus on doing his job well.

Soon after he enlisted, the actor was seen in a series of advertisements which raised questions if he had flouted the rules by engaging in commercial activities during his army stint. Ethan emphasised that all of them were filmed before he enlisted.

S.H.E. rock the stage at the Golden Melody Awards

Among the glitz of the the 23rd Golden Melody Awards, Taiwanese girl group S.H.E. stole the limelight at their first joint performance after member Selina Jen was burned in a filming incident.

The trio, who has focused on solo activities, kicked off their performance with Hebe Tien's 'Love', Ella Chen's 'Bad Girl' and Selina's 'Everyone Who Loves Me' before coming together to perform a remix of their hit 'SHERO+SUPER STAR'. Selina was visibly moved as she shed tears during her performance.

Fans of the group were also touched by the reunion, sharing that it was "so beautiful, (seeing) these three people simply moves me to tears."

After the performance, Selina commented that it was "extremely touching". She said, "Actually I was really nervous before coming on stage because it's been so long and I was starting the performance on my own. The more I waited the more jittery I got - I even got stomach pains during rehearsals because of nerves!"

Monday, June 25, 2012

"File of Justice" 20 years later Bobby-Au Yueng, Michael Tao & Felix Lok meets again

Michael Tao, Bobby Au-Yeung and Felix Lok (Ah Gung) became good friends after being in five seasons of Files of Justice. The three of them sit down together again after 20 years to chat about the past.

Michael: I thought of a good image for us, the three of us come together and give off a different feel.

Bobby: You act with bow ties, but I can't find my previous hairstyle anymore! My head is getting rounder and rounder each year, later I'll have to sleep upside down, so the skin on my face won't loosen...haha!

Ah Gung: Files of Justice is already 20 years ago! We're sitting here together again, that is truly hard to come, very memorable! In the past when shooting series, mostly it's last minute scripts, but now that I'm with CTI, the company has a regulation of no last minute scripts!

Kisses Flora Chan nonstop

Bobby: In fact audience like to watch us three brothers at-home scenes, but I actually like Michael's kiss scenes more! His kiss scenes with Flora Chan and Jessica Hsuan, wah.. I was still there watching during the midnight snack!

Michael: I didn't ask for it, but often times my co-stars treats me well. That time it was Flora's first on-screen kiss too!

Ah Gung: They all have a western girl personality, takes initiative. That scene you had with Flora was awesome!

Michael: How do you know its awesome? Only I know it's awesome...haha!

Bobby: When it comes to kiss scenes, that time when I encountered Esther Kwan, I really learned something! I'm pretty shy when doing kiss scenes, but that day when Esther and I had that scene, she was talking while we were filming the kiss... she told me not to overlap my face with hers. Behind the scenes, I was even complaining she didn't put enough effort, but she said talking in between the kiss will be more realistic. Indeed, the outcome was pretty good! Don't believe me, Michael you try it!

Michael: No this point in life, I'm afraid to kiss girls on camera. A light kiss in the morning, I can still do, but those passionate kiss scenes, wah..too much!

Bobby: I had a passionate kiss scene with Ada Choi before, very frightening...if I had a curvy chin like Michael, then the kiss would look good, but I got a flat chin and face, once we bump into another, nothing can be seen anymore, the eyes, ears, mouth, nose, none of it. So I thought of an idea to tell Ada: "When we shoot, I'll kiss your face or if not, I'll kiss your forehead and that's it!" She unexpectedly answered me: "Aiya... I think so too!" Dang...

Ah Gung fitter than Him Law

Michael: Ah Gung shooting those police scenes is pretty difficult too. Shooting the investigation scenes, got to run all over Hong Kong, but Ah Gung really lives life by the rules. Back then when I went to his house, I saw he had his own private gym in there. He has such a fit body figure now, even better than Him Law's!

Ah Gung: Back then I can shoot 11 or 12 days of investigation scenes, I was young then, but now I still keep up with my physical activity and can still look pretty good on screen!

Michael: Actually we were quite picky on the looks, back then while shooting Files of Justice we had to change into a new outfit for every scene, all of my bow ties were from my own personal wardrobe.

Pants falls off in public, Filipino bystanders shout: "Small!"

Bobby: You (Michael) even wanted all white silk pajamas, like a White Dragon King! There was one time, we were filming outdoors...that day it was Sunday, at the public square in Queens. Me and you were carrying our costumes, initially we were going to change in the tuxedo store, but wanted a faster way, so we just decided to change near the TVB van. Unexpectedly when you unbutton your pants, you forgot your wallet in the back pocket, and resulted in your pants falling off. The pants fell right down to your feet, and the large group of Filipino workers saw the scene and shouted: "oh! Michael...small!" Your eyes grew big! I can just say: "Next time change your pants more diligently!" Hahah....

Michael: So, you were wearing shades in the mall and couldn't see where you were going. You held on the rails as you walked, but still tripped and PK! Haha!

Bobby: You dare to mention that again, that time if it wasn't because you were laughing too loudly, the people in the entire mall wouldn't have known it was me! Everyone looked at me, I was so embarrassed!

Back then, they were three young men, but they didn't compete or back stab each other, instead they were good brothers. Even after work, they got together for coffee and rehearsed the scripts.

Bobby: Although we were very playful, we had great teamwork. Every time we finished shooting a scene, we would go to the nearby coffee shop to discuss the scene. Each one of us had a great attitude, very fit! I asked producer (Gary Tang) why did he cast us 'second line' actors in this series, he said the first line actors may have all the screen time to themselves in one episode, but with all the second line actors, there could be healthy competition!

Ah Gung: I discovered another phenomenon, not just the producer made good results out of us, we never quarrel or compete for screen time, we had a good relationship. And this relationship lasted for all five seasons, didn't change. That is truly rare. In other series, everyone seeing each other for such long periods, many would start arguing!

Bobby: That's why I really look forward to having Files of Justice continue on, do another gathering....

Michael: We're good old time buddies, stepped into another stage in life, up until today, we sit down together again, I believe the producers will have to think of a new refreshing idea to match us!

Kate Tsui celebrates 33rd birthday with large group of fans

Yesterday Kate Tsui celebrated her 33rd birthday, on June 19th, with nearly 100 fans. Among the group of fans, the 2.5 and 5 year old young male fans wouldn't let Kate go. Filled with motherly love, Kate accompanied the two little fans until the end. She hugged, kiss and played with them, such a heartwarming scene!

As soon as the two little fans got to Kate's party, they ran straight to her side. The 5 year old gave her flowers and a birthday kiss, making Kate so happy she couldn't stop smiling. The younger 2.5 year old fan, just knew how to stay by her side and Kate gave him a hug. When the little fans got warmed up, they wouldn't let Kate go. Fans gave Kate a large pile of gifts and an Eiffel tower birthday cake!

When speaking of her birthday wish this year? Kate smiled: "I'm very old-fashioned! In fact, I'm pretty pleased with my current life now, so I hope for good health. This year I'm so happy, I finished guest performing at Raymond Lam's concert in the States, and took advantage of the time to stay behind too. I celebrated my birthday with a group of my old classmates and friends, such a memorable time!"

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Kai Ko prepares for brain surgery

The Taiwanese actor-singer had a sports themed birthday party with close friends, including rumoured beau, Elva Hsiao. Elva, who had attended the party decked in a cheerleading outfit, had prepared a three-tier cake for the festivities.

Accompanied by his mother, Kai headed to the hospital in preparation for a surgery to remove a brain tumour. He was dressed simply, choosing to don a cap and mask. Upon reaching the hospital, he waited briefly in the lobby before taking the elevator to his VIP room.

After he was admitted, Kai posted photos of himself on his micro-blog accompanied by the cheerful message "Going in for maintenance! When I'm out, I'll become stronger and more awesome! I'm thankful for everyone's well wishes and I'll see you soon!'

Kai has previously mentioned that he was not worried about the surgery, but felt a little nervous.
When interviewed, his representative shared, "Depending on the situation, (Kai) may be discharged from hospital on the day of the operation if all goes well." He also thanked the fans for their support and care.

Denise Ho tears up instantly after learning the 'Joey-Wilfred' relationship

Joey Yung and Wilfred Lau's (C-Hing) "Lung-Yee Love" shocked the entire entertainment circle. According to reliable sources, at Joey's birthday party, Denise Ho cries on the spot at the instance she found out about the relationship. She initially made a special trip back to HK for the party, but the next day she bought a ticket and left the heartbreaking land immediately. However, the day before C-Hing insisted he personally told Denise about their relationship, but actually last week Denise already found out through Joey. Looks like C-Hing's impulsive move of making the relationship public has caused troubles this time!

It was understood, Netizens called C-Hing a 'scum' for lying that he already told Denise personally about his relationship with Joey, when in fact he was feeling ashamed and never mentioned anything to Denise, but instead pushed it to Joey.

According to inside news, earlier when Joey held her birthday party at the karaoke, Denise flew back to HK to join the party after she finished her concert in Guangzhou. At the time, she didn't know her good sister Joey and best friend C-Hing were dating yet, but when she got to the party at 2am, she pushed opened the door and saw about 30-40 friends. Then the semi-drunken Joey came up to her and broke the news to her. C-Hing just followed Joey out and didn't say anything.

Once Denise heard the news, she was heartbroken and teared up on the spot. She felt C-Hing was irresponsible and didn't know how to love Joey since he pushed her out to break the news to her instead of doing it himself. Also, Denise felt they were playing with her, as they specially decided to tell her on Joey's birthday. To comfort her good friend, Joey took her to the side and had a quiet chat with her, whereas C-Hing just continued partying with the others. After Joey talked to Denise, she acted as nothing happened and stayed at the party until 5am. Heartbroken Denise couldn't sleep all night and wrote on Weibo at 9am the next morning, "No More", seems like she drew the line with C-Hing and quickly bought a ticket to leave Hong Kong.

Kick out of Instagram

In the last few days, Denise and Joey have not openly responded to the situation. Feeling betrayed, Denise, currently in Mainland, left a message on Weibo yesterday: "It's a big world, we are so minute, there is nothing worthy of saying anymore, life just goes on. We should just concentrate on more important things. Thank you all for the love. I will take this love and share it, good night everyone." Although Denise didn't unfollow Joey on Weibo, but on another social media site Instragram, she kicked both Joey and C-Hing out of her list of following.

Wilfred Lau announces he's dating Joey Yung

Recently it was rumored Joey Yung and Wilfred Lau are dating. Today when Wilfred attended the costume fitting for CTI new series Second Life, he openly admitted to the relationship with Joey. He said: "I'm pretty happy now, we got together not long ago. (You had rumors with Denise Ho before?) Those were just rumors. (Will this upset Denise?) She was the first person I told. When Joey and I started, we were both single." When asked if Denise is upset with Joey? He said: "Ask her." When speaking of Joey's rumors? He said: "Just ask Joey. I don't know what capabilities I have, but I just want to do what a guy does, other pressures let me handle it."

[Singpao/Mingpao] It was said once Joey and Wilfred sparked, Joey's 'close friend' and Wilfred's ex-rumored girlfriend Denise Ho was upset. Denise wrote on Weibo: "Putting a knife in your heart effortlessly is often the person you thought you could truly trust. Then when these things recur in life, you can only admit that you were just too stupid." It was rumored Wilfred stole Denise's lover and thus she ended their friendship. Currently in Taiwan, Denise had no comment on their relationship. Many people responded on Weibo to encourage her.

Wilfred was asked if he's still friends with Denise, he said: "Denise is forever my best friend. Actually this relationship just started, Joey and I have known each other for many years, and you can say I know her well, she's a good girl. I haven't dated for 4 years and when I encounter a suitable girl, I start to get to know her more, of course she's good, many people like her and I really like her as well. (When did you start liking Joey?) This year, that's how fate is." When asked if Wilfred feels uneasy about Joey in a higher position (in showbiz) than him? He expressed confidently: "I'm a man, have to assume responsibility. I'm okay. (Was the trip to Thailand with Joey the honeymoon?) Enough, that's all I have to say today. I'm shooting this series for 3 months, I believe I won't see reporters!" But, recently on Joey and Wilfred's Weibo, the two really have gotten a lot closer because they often take pictures together. The latest one was of them at Bobo Chan's store choosing skins for their phones. It was understood, Joey didn't identify Wilfred as her boyfriend yet as their relationship has not developed into the stage where they can go public. Last night, Joey was initially suppose to work on recording, but suddenly cancelled the job due to feeling emotionally confused.

Joey's manager Mani Fok wrote on Weibo: "I had a wish all along, I hope our dearest Joey can find someone, just like us, a Mr. Right who truly loves her! Today, I received a lot of phone calls from the media. Here, thank you all for the concern and blessings for Joey! Taking this opportunity, I want to share with everyone that Joey and a friend are currently dating! Already at the selection stage! I hope Joey can finally encounter her Mr. Right and say goodbye to singlehood!" Joey responded on Weibo, thanking everyone for the blessings and concern. Wilfred also started following Joey's mom on Weibo, getting ready for the 'mother-in-law policy'.

Friday, June 22, 2012

SISTAR releases ‘LOVING U’ teaser photos for Hyorin

SISTAR is back and ready to heat up the summer with their summer special album, ‘LOVING U‘!

Starship Entertainment announced the news of the girls comeback along with the first teaser photos featuring none other than power vocalist Hyorin!
Although dressed casually in both photos, Hyorin manages to look effortlessly feminine and sexy, and has left fans wondering what the group has in store for their summer comeback.

SISTAR will be dropping ‘LOVING U’ on June 28th, so stay tuned!

Vivian Hsu falls prey to impersonators

Taiwanese singer Vivian Hsu became the latest victim of online identity theft as someone created an account on a popular social site using her name. The impersonator had posted on the site, "I'm not Chinese, I'm Taiwanese. I don't want to go to the mainland to promote... Regardless of the consequences, I will not go to that country anymore. The mainland bullies us Taiwanese, Japan must stand up for us."

The post sparked an outcry as Chinese netizens voiced their dissatisfaction on various social networking sites.

Upon learning this incident, Vivian asked angrily,"Who are you and what are your motives? You impersonated me and posted ridiculous things; I believe Sina (Chinese online media company) will see that justice is served!"

In a statement, her management company said, "This impersonation incident has led to a lot of discomfort for Vivian, thus the company has decided to close our micro-blog indefinitely. We also have requested that the offensive content be deleted. For now, interactions with fans will be done on the official site."

Girls’ Generation enchant with their newest pictorial for ‘High Cut’ magazine

Girls‘ Generation recently flaunted their breathtaking beauty and delicate features for the fashion magazine ‘High Cut‘.

The two revealed pictorials from ‘High Cut’ proved the notion that Girls’ Generation may indeed be the goddesses of this age.

The nine members looked mesmerizingly beautiful as they wore light-colored and flowy dresses which complimented nicely with the greenery in the background. In the second photo, YoonA, Sooyoung, Yuri, and Jessica transformed into real-life princesses as they posed with a pink futon with gold trimming and a bouquet of flowers looking enchanting.

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “Their femininity is overflowing“, “The Girls’ Generation members become prettier as they get older“, and “They are truly goddesses“.

Joey Meng's first TVB series with Roger Kwok, must not compare to Alice Chan

Yesterday new series Cousin, You Are Good costume fitting was held at TVB City. Joey Meng joins TVB as the lead actress of this series; This is the first TV series for Ivana Wong, Louis Cheung and Bob Lam; Wong Kwong Leung makes his comeback as Wong Cho Lam's father; Roger Kwok and Wong Cho Lam are the lead actors. Joey describes the atmosphere at TVB feeling like an elite school, so big and pretty. She often gets lost around the company, but she doesn't dare to trouble her partner Roger. She said: "Roger and I both have families, so to avoid any unnecessary gossips, I just ask Law Lan Jeh for help whenever I get lost." The two leads mutually impressed each other. Joey expressed she watched Queens of Diamonds and Hearts, while Roger said: "I also watched My Date with a Vampire!"

Joey was asked if she feels lucky to be able to jump from ATV to TVB and still be a lead actress? Roger, standing besides her, praised she has the ability, but Joey promptly said she must not be compared to Alice Chan. TVB produces many series and programs, they both have different directions. It was said TVB is currently lacking FaDans, so she's just here for the 'repair'? Joey laughed: "That's good!"

Ivana plays Roger's younger sister, and it is also her first TV series, Roger said: "Collaborating with newcomers, must try to fit in mutually. In this series, even the director is new." Ivana was frightened for several months when she first learned she's going to be in this new series, and had to ask Wong Cho Lam to be her psychologist. She'll be pairing up with Louis Cheung, but there aren't any kiss scenes. They both hope to portray their roles more realistically, and may request for a kiss scene.

The "father and son" Wong Kwong Leung and Wong Cho Lam "meets" and look very much like an actual father and son. Cho Lam praises that Leung is handsome, and the area that they look most alike is their noses. However, Leung thought Cho Lam was too short and asked if he had gone through puberty yet? It has been many years since Leung been in a TVB series, he joked: "I came back because I have no food to eat, there is food here at TVB, I don't have to worry about any of my three daily meals."

Natalie Tong: Jason Chan didn't dare to touch or kiss me

In TVB new series No Good Either Way, it's considered Natalie Tong and Jason Chan first collaboration as a couple. In terms of entry into the industry, Natalie is Jason's "senior sister" (see jeh), but in terms of age, Jason is Natalie's "elder brother". However, Jason smiled and said Natalie often gave him advice when they were filming, she's very attentive and knows how to look after people. When asked if she's his cup of tea? Jason laughed: "Pretty ok! (Did you two take it a step further?) No! We are friends, sometimes we go out for dinner, it's better with more friends, more to talk about! I really admire her, she's very into her work and is attentive."

Natalie Feels Jason's nervousness

Jason is full of praises for Natalie, but this See Jeh teases him, exposing that he's extremely shy for the kiss scenes. Natalie laughed: "I felt he was nervous. There was one scene about us already dating for a long time, so we hold hands and give goodbye kisses. I told him to give me a kiss, but he just kissed me on the forehead. I said no no, when we actually film, you have to kiss me on the lips! He was really shy, in some scenes where he has to sweetly please me, he didn't dare to touch me. I had to ask him back, can you just touch me? Makes me sound like a creep!"

Jason's like her first boyfriend

But, Natalie said Jason started out quiet, but he later turned talkative. She had to shout for him to stop, just like those overly active children. When asked if she likes 'cute big men'? She said Jason is like her first boyfriend, she said: "Actually his looks and personality are very similar. Although it's our first collaboration, I can easily find his strengths to like him. He's very attentive too, and knows how to look after others to make up for his deficiencies. He has a lot of potential. When we were filming, women 25 and up were just staring at him."

Leanne Li pretends to understand even when she doesn't

Recently Leanne Li got TVB's appreciation and takes on a lead role in new series No Good Either Way. She plays with 'sparks' with her boyfriend Wong Cho Lam's good friend Louis Yuen. As Leanne and Louis know each other very well, she laughed and said every time she sees Louis, she just wants to laugh. When asked if there were constant NGs during the intimate scenes with this good friend of hers? Leanne said: "He failed to pursue me in the series, so there were any intimate scenes."

Although it seems as if Leanne gave Louis a lemon, she actually really admires him. Aside from praising Louis as a person having the willingness to help others, she also exposed she and Louis think alike: "Each day when we get to work, after we greet one another, the next thing we say is 'What are we eating after?'"

In the past, most of Leanne's roles were either scheming, immature or rich girls. Leanne smiled and said this time she can finally return to being herself: "But, it is the old me. My role likes to enthusiastically to help others, very gentle and implicit. However, I'm not as gentle as before and I say a lot of 'rotten' gags now, so I did purposely think back of how I was like before." Leanne smiled and said thinking back when she first entered the industry, the greatest weakness was she often pretended to understand even if she didn't. She said: "Sometimes when we were chatting in a big group, because my Cantonese wasn't that good, sometimes I felt lost, but to fit in the circle, I would just smile and nod pretending that I understood. It's not too good to be like that. Luckily, a friend woke me up and said each individual are from different circles and have different personalities, I just have to be myself and relax."

Louis Koo: TVB Series? Put it on Hold; Still have per series contract

Yesterday Louis Koo, Raymond Lam, Shirley Yeung, Koni Lui, Evergreen Mak, Mandy Wong, etc. attended the TVB Most Popular TV Commercial Awards 2012. Louis was presented with the "Most Popular Actor Award". He was grateful that the director of that commercial (Samsung's Galaxy Tab) gave him the freedom to develop on his own and the Korean female lead taught him some Korean. When speaking of their hugging scene in the car? Louis said it was requested by the director and stressed he didn't exchange phone numbers with the Korean female lead.

It's been a long time since Louis came back to TVB, asked if he'll be shooting a TVB series again? Louis said: "I still owe them a 40 episode series. Put it on hold first! (Hold until you become a veteran actor?) I hope I'll be retired by then, just keep it on hold! In fact, I have always wanted to outline a TV series different from today's average series, but then can't be too different because Hong Kong audience are still family oriented and won't understand." When asked if he's referring to Master of Play being too different? Louis stressed he didn't say that. Perhaps he'll shoot a Ricky Wong series? He stressed again he still has a contract (per series) with TVB.

Chapman To recovered from rare syndrome: "Got My Life Back"

Late April, Chapman To was diagnosed with the Miller Fisher Syndrome, a rare condition in which patients experience double vision, eye movement abnormalities, weaknesses in the limbs and sensory loss. His body setting off the alarm, Chapman didn't dare to neglect it, and immediately stopped working. It was estimated he lost about 7 figures during his hiatus, however, he deeply understood health is the most important. His wife, Kristal Tin, was very worried and remained in HK to look after him. Fortunately, it was later confirmed his condition was considered minor and with treatment, he can fully recover.

Last night, Chapman attended The Bounty film premiere and was in a great mood as he just returned from the US. He said he already recovered before he left HK, and the doctor approved of him taking the flight. It's a tradition for him to visit his mentor in the US annually, but the magazines said his condition worsen, so he had to seek medical treatment in the US. That was just gossip news. It seems he has put on some weight? Chapman laughed: "I've been sitting, eating and sleeping every day during my break, so I have definitely gained weight. I look just like those New Territories pigs. But, I won't be losing the weight now because my next film Super Manager, I play a manager collaborating with Charlene Choi, so I have to have some weight."

Recalling the time he was ill, the most severe was when he couldn't breathe. He said: "One time I was sitting up straight, suddenly I couldn't breathe. That moment, I thought I was going to die. I really got my life back this time. After getting through this illness, it enlighten me and I learned to take things easy and relax." When speaking of Kristal Tin being the one who was most worried, has he thought of making a will? He said: "I gave everything to my wife already, when I die, she'll be the happiest one and get rich immediately."

Alex Man makes his comeback in new film The Bounty, his wife, nephew and nieces, and good friends from Mainland all attended to support him. Alex gave out "Man" lucky envelopes to the cast on stage. In the film, Fiona Sit plays his daughter and gets double, she said: "With Father Man here, the morale is especially high. Earlier during the end of filming celebration, he wanted Chapman to be his apprentice, so he took off his diamond ring on the spot and gave it to him as a gift."

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rumored Jacqueline Law passed away, Friends say she's fine

It was rumored that former TVB actress Jacqueline Law has cancer. Yesterday it was further rumored that she passed away in Singapore. The rumor said she secretly went to Singapore to treat her cancer, but her condition suddenly worsen. Reporters tried to contact Jacqueline, through WhatsApp, but no response was given.

The media asked her good friends to confirm. Louie Castro responded in English: "Jacqueline is fine! Thank you for your concern." Peter Cheung expressed over the phone he also heard about the news of Jacqueline's death, but he saw her two months ago and she was doing well. They have been keeping in touch all along. When asked when he'll visit Jacqueline again? He said: "We are both busy with our own lives, but we care a lot about one another. (Is she in Singapore now?) From last time, she said she's not in Hong Kong. (When?) I forget."

Also, Annie Liu said Jacqueline is totally fine. Annie hasn't heard any news about Jacqueline. If there were issues, she would definitely know about it. As for if Jacqueline is in Singapore? Annie said she's not sure because it has been some time since they kept in touch.

According to sources, 45 year old Jacqueline was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a few years ago. She worked hard and optimistically battled the cancer. In April of this year, she attended her stepson's wedding and at the time, she only thanked the media for the concern as a response to her health conditions.

Ron Ng shooting 'Seasons of Love' Viann Zhang pretends to break up for publicity

Since Ron Ng fell for Mainland actress Viann Zhang, his fans strongly disliked the couple, but Ron still continues his deep love for her. Earlier Viann wrote on Weibo, once again implying that she broke up with Ron, but it turns out the news was fake.

Last night, Ron was shooting for TVB new series Seasons of Love with Iva Law and Lee Yee Man in Lan Kwai Fong. In the series, Iva, Lee and Kate Tsui all fall for Ron, but in real life, Ron only has his eyes for Viann Zhang. However, to keep his Siu Sang image, Ron refused to make their relationship public, leaving Viann without any sense of security. Earlier this month, Viann whined on Weibo: "Falling for a bad man will get you a painful life, you'll be worried and feel wronged." Weibo readers thought this meant they have broken up.

As for the break up rumors, Ron clarified: "We are fine." As to the reason for not making the relationship public, doesn't that leave Viann without sense of security? Ron denied: "I'm very open, optimistic and my level of openness is high." Ron also exposed Viann's message was just her feelings after she finished shooting a drama and for promotion of the new drama. When asked if Ron's keeping his relationship with Viann? He said: "Yeah, maintaining the relationship. Thanks for the concern." Ron expressed after completing Seasons of Love, he'll be starting Triumph in the Skies II. He said: "I'm not sure if I'm still Francis Ng's brother, but I know we'll be going to England and France for outdoor shooting."

Girls’ Generation voted for ‘best stage performance’ by Japanese netizens

Girls’ Generation was selected in Japan as the single girl group who put on the most lavish stage performances.

On June 18th, Japanese mobile music service chart Recochoku reported the results of their ‘Girl Groups Who Put On Lavish Dances’ rankings. Girls’ Generation was voted #1 by users who said, “Their dances are sexy and cute at the same time, and you can’t help but be captivated by their long, lean legs.

Others said, “People are blown away by the synchronized dance put on by 9 girls. Their fashion style is also amazing.

Following behind Girls’ Generation were dance group E-Girls, techno-pop girl group trio Perfume, KARA, and SPEED.

In related news, Girls’ Generation will be releasing their new Japanese single “Paparazzi” on June 27th.

Two Japanese men arrested for trying to scalp Big Bang’s concert tickets

The Japanese police have reported that two people have been arrested for scalping tickets to Big Bang‘s concert for as much as $900 USD.

On June 18th, the Japanese press released an article stating that two men from Saitama were arrested and under investigation for trying to scalp tickets to Big Bang’s concert. According to investigations, the two had approached undercover investigators by revealing that they had tickets to the concert and were willing to sell them for 70,000 YEN when the original price is only 9,500 YEN.

Tickets to Big Bang’s concert tour have been selling out left and right, with over 250,000 already sold out for their Japanese spots. In Indonesia, over 20,000 seats had been sold out shortly after going on sale, so the high demand is understandable.

Barbie Hsu wants to get pregnant

After being married for over a year to Wang Xiaofei, 36-year-old Barbie Hsu has declared on her micro-blog that she wants to have her own bundle of joy.

Recent photographs spurred a flurry of speculation that Barbie is pregnant when husband Wang Xiaofei was spotted paying extra attention to her. The actress was seen wearing flats and slightly bigger tummy.

With her younger sister, Dee Hsu, already a mother of three girls, Barbie commented on her micro-blog that "I actually really really want to have a baby." She also changed her display icon to one of her cuddling Dee's youngest daughter.

With this post, all pregnancy rumours have been effectively been quashed.

Fellow entertainers and the public alike have sent words of encouragement. Ella Chen comforted her with her quirky words. "You will, and (he'll) be extra cute!" Netizens left comments such as "You definitely will; you'll surely become a blissful mother."

After School releases MV for “Flashback”

After releasing a myriad of the teasers, the ladies of After School have finally returned with their latest single, “Flashback“.

“Flashback” marks After School’s first promotions without former leader, Park Kahi. For “Flashback” they decided to mix up dark & sexy for a powerful comeback. The song also uses a bit of the trendy dubstep genre, which like all trendy things has its fair share of supporters and detractors.

What are your thoughts on After School’s “Flashback”? Check out the music video below!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Ah Sa drunk takes off shoe in public celebrating Joey Yung's birthday

Yesterday (6/16), Joey Yung celebrated her 32nd birthday and promoted for her new film DIVA in Shanghai. Joey's boss Albert Yeung, her manager Mani Fok, Twins and Hu Ge were all present. After they finished at the Shanghai Film Festival, they went to enjoy the food in Shanghai. Later, they went to a nightclub to celebrate Joey's birthday. Other guests included Jackie Chan and Lam Suet.

Twins met the press together, but Ah Sa appeared drunk, as her face and ears were red. She screeched loudly saying that Joey forced her to drink. Ah Gil exposed Ah Sa's idol is Fukuyama Masaharu: "Fukuyama came to Shanghai, she really likes him!" The drunken Ah Sa quickly explained: "I only liked him back when I was still in school and watched TV dramas. At the time, I even fought for a husband with my classmates. I now have a new idol. (William Chan?) I'm not telling you." Wonder if Ah Sa was just in a good mood, but she appeared very relaxed and suddenly took off her heels despite being in public. Turns out she wanted to accommodate Ah Gil's height. Yesterday when Ah Sa sobered up, she wrote on Weibo: "Last night I was I'm still drunk! A drunk Sa."

Had a few drinks herself, Joey was in a great mood when she did the interview. She joked she's only 23 years old. When speaking of her life's major event (marriage)? She said: "Earlier someone told me that so and so was interested in me, I really don't feel it. I will now have to slowly try to feel it. (Find a boyfriend in Shanghai?) I'm a native born Hong Kong girl, should just stick with HK guys!" She also said she just finished recording for her Mandarin album. Besides madly using her 'friendship cards', Joey was constantly trying to change her singing bad habits and hopes everyone will enjoy the [songs]. Accomplishment is her birthday wish.

"DIVA" costar Hu Ge gives birthday kiss

Also, yesterday afternoon Joey and Hu Ge attended the press conference to their new film DIVA. The event organizers rolled out a diva birthday cake to celebrate Joey's birthday. During the time, Joey hand motioned Hu Ge asking him for a birthday kiss, but unfortunately Hu Ge didn't understand and Joey had to say it directly before he could give her a reaction. Joey said she had a pleasant collaboration with Hu Ge and Chapman To because they met up to go drinking every day after work. Because of this she got the nickname of 'pineapple'. She said: "Which means 'sei bat por'. They said I'm always looking at their SMS and knows everything." Yesterday after work, Joey flew back to HK to celebrate her birthday with her mother.

Joyce Cheng and male model Jin get intimate on the MTR

25 year old Joyce Cheng just announced the ending of her 5 year relationship with western boyfriend Mark Ryan. It was said Joyce rapidly hooked up with 31 year old, tall and handsome, 40-inch chest, Korean male model (Jin Chui). The two are often spotted together. Although the two denied they're dating, Jin praises that Joyce is friendly and he does not mind a chubby girlfriend. Even if his girlfriend had 'princess illness', he wouldn't mind. Clearly, he's praising Joyce. Joyce also admits she currently has a pursuer.

Yesterday at 9pm, [Oriental Daily] reporters spotted Joyce and Jin at the Causeway Bay near the MTR station. Jin had his hand on the rail, while Joyce was standing behind him. At one point, she rested her arm on Jin's back, but when she saw onlookers around, she quickly lets go. Later, the two purposely kept their distance while walking, but still constantly chatted. The two seem to have really enjoyed their time together.

On the MTR, the two got on the one with the least people and started becoming more intimate. Joyce leaned on the glass, while Jin stood in front of Joyce. Initially the two were just chatting face to face, but then Jin started leaning closer to Joyce and whispered in her ear, getting closer and closer. At the time, the two just had their eyes on each other and careless about the people around them. Finally, at the Sheung Wan stop, the two got on the taxi and headed back towards Joyce's residence for their next activity.

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