Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Queenie Chu Follows Angelina Jolie's Footsteps, Mastectomy After Age 40

American sexy actress Angelina Jolie has a family history of breast cancer, she got her mastectomy (breast removal surgery) done to prevent future development of breast cancer. 32 year old TVB sitcom Come Home Love actress Queenie Chu has the same family inheritance of breast cancer as Angelina Jolie. Queenie's maternal grandmother, mother and aunt lost their lives from breast cancer. Her mother and aunt passed away at the age of 48. Yesterday Queenie accepted a telephone interview and frankly expressed she considered getting a mastectomy about 10 years ago, but the doctor didn't recommend her to do so because she wasn't married or had children yet. Queenie frankly expressed age 48 is her gateway, if she can live longer by getting a mastectomy, then she will consider it. Asked whether she'll put serious thought into it now? She said: "I think after age 40! By then, if I still don't have children, I will look at my health condition and ask the doctor for advice. Perhaps there will be medication out by then and I won't have to do it! Actually, its probably better to do the surgery. If you asked me if I wanted to keep my breasts or my life? I would choose my life."

Reminisces Deceased Mother, Feels Regret

Queenie expressed Angelina Jolie is very brave and her decision is very wise. Plus she's not trying to fight through cancer, she's preventing cancer from happening. Queenie said: "This is one of the proactive actions to take, but as far as I know, mastectomy will reduce the chances of developing breast cancer by 80%, but if you didn't remove the nipples and mammary areola, there is still a risk. Even if you removed everything, there is no 100% guarantee." Queenie disclosed the U.S already had this type of surgery back when she was 20 years old, she consulted with her doctor and family before, so to her mastectomy isn't anything frightening to her. She said Angelina Jolie brings a positive message this time, it's a very good thing. "Actually she didn't have to tell anybody, there won't be an impact in the public. She could have asked a plastic surgeon to help her put something back into her, it's not like she's not wearing any clothes, basically nobody would have known."

Recalling the loss of her mother, Queenie felt a little regret. She said her mother passed away at age 48, at the time she had not participated in Miss HK yet. Asked whether she has a fear because of this inheritance? She said: "Well no! I believe in destiny, I was born with this gene and I cannot escape from it. I can only accept the fact and face it proactively. I pay close attention to my diet and my health. I eat less foods with hormones in it, just like contraceptive pills, bird's nest soup, hasma, chicken, etc. I eat more vegetables and fruits." She expressed an average woman gets a mammogram once a year, but she has to get one done every 6 months. The doctor she sees regularly is a specialist as well.

Discussed with Boyfriend

Many people believe women who got their breasts removed, their other half does mind more or less. Queenie frankly expressed she did talk about it with her other half. She said: "Yeah! But if he minds, then that's not true love. It could be possible that after a natural disaster, I might lose my leg or even go blind! If he no longer likes me, then that's not true love either!" When speaking of her 48 year old "gateway", she optimistically expressed sometimes she does feel unhappy, but then she'll ask herself, why am I feeling unhappy? She said: "If I cannot breakthrough age 48, and I'm 32 now, then I only have 16 years of life left? So, I need to be happy. Happy people live longer." Reporters contacted Queenie's boyfriend, Eddie@EO2, to comment but he did not reply.


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