Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bosco Wong is Afraid of Rumors with Eliza Sam

Yesterday Bosco Wong, Nancy Wu, Eliza Sam, Vincent Wong, Michelle Yim and Mimi Chu attended the costume fitting of TVB new series Mr. & Mrs. Bean. This time Bosco is paired with Eliza, he frankly expressed he's afraid of rumors and asked the media not to "shove" rumors on him. Eliza expressed: "I hope there won't be any rumors either. The audience is very smart, they can distinguish between fact or fiction."

Also, lately there has been several TVB Siu Sang and FaDans having intentions to leave the company, but Bosco expressed his loyalty: "I'm here! I'm bleeding TVB's blood and grew up drinking TVB's milk. I still have a long contract with them." He said he won't be filming Mainland series long-term, "It can get boring. (You have such colorful news!) It's just news, I'm personally not like that."

Vincent Wong is quite lucky in this series, he'll be having a relationship with Nancy, May Chan (Siu Bo) and a bold intimate scene with Mimi Chu. Vincent said: "I have a pretty passionate scene with Mimi jeh. We'll go from standing to lying down. We also have a wet-kiss scene. Mimi said she had never been so intense with a male artist for 20 years. I should really handle this well." Vincent expressed he'll be taking good care of Siu Bo since its her first time having a romantic storyline. He said: "It is my honor. When we're eating rice, I'll grab another bowl for her. (Won't this be a little too heavy on the audience?) No fear, just trying to entertain everyone. I hope everyone will have some tolerance."


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