Monday, May 27, 2013

Wayne Lai threatens to sue imposters

A furious Wayne Lai recently announced that he will take legal action against a mainland company impersonating as his representative if the said company refused to withdraw their false statements regarding him and several other artistes.

Groove Asia reported that earlier, a mainland company made a claim saying that they have an artiste management contract with several Hong Kong stars including Wayne Lai, Lynn Hung, Irene Wan and Simon Yam.

The company also posted a list on their official website that shows the artistes' sponsorship and appearance fees, hinting that they are responsible for making arrangements for the artistes.

However, the fees listed on the website were all sky-high, showing that the company is trying to gain profits from the artistes' name.

Wayne Lai, who heard the news recently, denied ever accepting any jobs through the said company.

The actor also posted a message on his Weibo for the company, saying, "To the representative of the related party, please have some self-respect and delete the false advertisements, otherwise there will certainly be legal action taken against you."


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