Friday, May 10, 2013

Sire Ma denies being boycotted

Sire Ma recently dismissed rumours that she has been boycotted by few actresses led by Katy Kung, stating that the rumour is totally fabricated.

According to Popular Asians website, the "Bullet Brain" actress was recently rumoured to have been shunned by her peers due to a relationship rumour with her "Will Power" co-star, Jason Chan.

Tabloid reported that as Jason Chan has been romantically linked with former beauty queen, Sarah Song, her good friend, Katy Kung was upset by the news and arranged her other fellow actresses to boycott Sire.

To this, Sire expressed, "This news was written for entertainment purposes only. It has made Katy unhappy and she even apologised to me for any misunderstanding. In reality, the news is not true at all."

Meanwhile, the actress, who has been noticeably downcast recently, revealed that it was because her former Indonesian domestic helper, who was recently detained by the police for stealing her money, had ripped off her diary.

She stated, "I'm actually upset because the helper had ripped pages off my precious diary. It was a gift from my first boyfriend. Now, I can only blame myself for not teaching her well."

However, she thanked family and friends who have been showing their concern for her, and revealed that she is ready to forgive her young Indonesian employee and considering re-hiring her.


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