Saturday, May 18, 2013

Raymond Lam Takes Karena to Brother's Graduation in US, Secretly Married Too?

Since Raymond Lam and Karena Ng announced their romance, their relationship went a thousand miles in a day. Aside from the sweet vacation to Europe, Japan and other places, Raymond also made his love declaration -- he said "really love" Karena 7 times. A few days ago Raymond posted a photo of him and Karena on WeChat and wrote "I love you to the moon and back". Clearly, Raymond regards Karena as his other half. Earlier he took Karena back to his hometown Xiamen to meet his parents and on Friday (May 17th), Karena accompanied Raymond to the US to attend his little brother's college graduation at the University of Southern California (USC). Raymond had always been family-oriented, even if he's extremely busy, he still took time off to attend his brother's graduation with his parents and girlfriend.

There were Raymond fans at the USC commencement, who spotted the couple together. Fans disclosed on Weibo that they personally witnessed Raymond holding Karena's hand tightly and had bodyguards around them. Karena even took a seat next to Raymond's father, which clearly implies her status as future 'Mrs. Lam'. Although Raymond's parents were around, the couple still remained in their sweet two person world, frequently looking at each other and whispering in each other's ears.

Raymond's mother had also caught Netizens' attention. Fans who saw Raymond's mother in person praised her elegant and refined image. Fans disclosed Karena and Raymond's mother chatted happily, looks like the daughter and mother in law relationship won't be too bad! Other college graduates chatted with Raymond as well, they praised his fluent English and modest personality!

Raymond/Karena Married?

Yesterday an [Oriental Daily] reader exposed their mother is the younger cousin of Raymond's father. Yesterday at the Los Angeles airport, apparently they attended Raymond and Karena's marriage ceremony. As there were witnesses of the couple at the commencement and secret marriage, reporters tried to contact Raymond to confirm, but did not get a response before the deadline of this article. However, Karena's manager responded: "I am not commenting on their personal matters, but their relationship had always been great. Thanks for the concern! (They got married?) No evidence, I am not responding."


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