Monday, May 20, 2013

Kristal Tin "Hums" to an Opportunity to Launch Her First Solo Album

Yesterday Kristal Tin, Priscilla Wong, Roger Kwok, Evergreen Mak, Grace Wong, Whitney Hui, Cheung Wing Hong and the rest of the TVB series Tongue Sword Courtroom held an end-of-filming dinner. It was said Kristal Tin felt displeased because TVB gave Priscilla more screen time and thus the two were rumored on bad terms. Last night at the dinner, Kristal and Priscilla were the center of attention, but the two were chatting happily and taking pictures together, proving that they are not on bad terms. Kristal posted a photo of her and Priscilla on Weibo: "Fate will bring us back together! Add oil!" Priscilla replied: "I am grateful to have met you. Ah Tin, (Kristal) I really want to collaborate with you again!"

Kristal was in a wonderful mood, she revealed she'll be taking two months off after this to complete something big in her life. Actually Kristal is just talking about launching her first solo album. Kristal won this opportunity because one day she was humming her way into the TVB makeup room, someone captured her humming and uploaded it on the internet, which was then spotted by record company owner Paco Wong. He took initiative, contacted Kristal to ask whether she's interested in launching her very own album. Kristal said: "I'll be recording 10 songs this time, just recording covers of my favorite male singers' old songs. I don't have any new songs. (Will you be singing your husband Chapman To's songs?) He only has two songs, and their offensive too. If I make a cover of his songs, then he'll just be suffering in shame! (Your husband doing the photo shoot for the album cover?) I hope to ask my husband to participate too!"

Priscilla Reflect on Her Past, Will Not Mention "6.4" Again

Recently an 1999 episode of RTHK's Hong Kong Connection circulated online (watch here). At the time, 17 year old Priscilla Wong was interviewed and she talked about her "6.4 feelings" (referring to the June Fourth Incident of 1989) on the show. Priscilla said: "I don't regret talking about it. At the time, I was very honest and didn't think it would broadcast again! When one gets older, their views changes. (Is it because you're an artist now, and don't want to talk about politics?) Not related, I'm just afraid it would impact others. (Worried this might hinder your opportunities in Mainland?) No fear, that was said when I was barely 17 years old. I was still a kid. Watching myself again now, I thought it was very funny!" Netizens responded to Priscilla's comment "when one gets older, their views changes." Netizens urged her not to "betray your former self" and named her "Goddess of Democracy". Priscilla said on Weibo: "My middle school teacher anxiously asked me, what does it mean when someone gets older, their views changes? I said, when one gets older they learn to keep their views, beliefs and commitments in their hearts and not to hang it on the side of their mouth. Honestly, I am a little hurt. I felt heartbroken that year. Today allow me to put it all in my heart, don't talk about it, please?"


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