Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fala Chen Ditches TVB, Secretly Participates in Gordon Chan's Horror Film

TVB FaDan Fala Chen's contract is expiring this month. She used "going to the US for continuing studies" as an excuse to not renew the contract, but her whereabouts had been a controversy all along. The public speculated that she's actually going to work in Mainland, while others thought she switched over to Ricky Wong's HKTV. Fala has not made a public appearance since late April, it turns out she secretly participated in director Gordon Chan's horror film Tales from the Dark 1 & 2 scheduled to release this summer.

Tales from the Dark 1 & 2 is considered a heavyweight film, since it is produced by the award-winning film Cold War producer Matthew Tang. There are a total of six small stories in the two-part film, each directed by HK film industry's big players Gordon Chan, Fruit Chan, Lawrence Lau, Teddy Robin, Simon Yam and Lee Chai Ngai. The horror film stars Kelly Chen, Tony Leung (Kar Fai), Maggie Siu and Dada Chan.

Yesterday at 6AM, Fala appeared at North Point dressed in a long blue dress with her long scattered hair and light makeup. At the scene, Fala had a restless and agitated expression on her face and carried an old styled grocery bag loitering on the street. It looks like all that training she received from TVB paid off, she acted like a female ghost while the cameras rolled and looked very much into character. In between scenes, she listened to director Gordon Chan's instructions intently, demonstrating her professionalism.

Gordon Lam Praises Fala's Professionalism

Gordon Lam has many scenes opposite of Fala, yesterday he accepted a telephone interview and praised Fala's professionalism. He said: "She performed very well, placed a lot of effort into it and did all her homework. This film is a huge challenge to both Fala and myself because we both have two different types of extreme emotions to convey. I think Fala was able to deliver and performed very well! (You're very pleased with Fala's performance?) I am very pleased with the whole crew's efforts." Fala and Gordon both started out as television artists and then switched to the film scene, did Gordon give Fala any tips? Gordon laughed: "She's so hardworking, it's really not necessary! Actually me and her cooperate well, we're able to create something new together."

Also, in regards to the rumor that Fala is moving into the film scene after her TVB contract expires? Fala's spokesperson expressed: "Fala is concentrating purely on filming, all interviews will be arranged by the film production company."


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