Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Virgina Lok Exposed Moses Chan's Absence Due to Fear of the Media

esterday 300+ TVB artists gathered to shoot a promotional clip, but recently the artists rumored to be getting married -- Moses Chan, Aimee Chan and Raymond Lam were all absent. Virgina Lok's favorite Raymond was said to have married girlfriend Karena while attending his brother's graduation in the States. Miss Lok expressed that is not true, Raymond had already told her a year ago that he's flying to the States to attend his brother's graduation. When he came back to HK, he flew back to Hengdian immediately to wrap up some filming. He basically does not have the time to get married: "He's relationship is already so high-profile, he absolutely won't try to hide it, if he does get married."

As for Moses and Aimee, Miss Lok expressed she did save a spot for Moses this year, but she believes his absence had to do with his fear of the media chasing him down with questions. Asked if Aimee is pregnant? Miss Lok said: "I don't know. She just said there is an emergency in her family and she has to fly home. She didn't even answer her manager's calls. I don't think its true, but its just my own wishful thinking that Ah Mo should marry her and have kids soon."

When speaking of TVB Assistant General Manager Peter Au's announcement of the 2014 new criteria that all series must have 80% of the script completed before filming can begin and the added rest time for artists? Miss Lok expressed this is good news in the artists' perspective, but she denied the changes were made due to Beauty At War's low ratings. If the issue does not get resolve, it will always be there and she believes the last minute scripts is wasting resources. As for the rumored Sheren Tang cut off? Miss Lok said: "Some artists are straightforward when they speak, we don't have hard feelings and hope it will be fine soon. When there is a suitable script, we will use again." She denied it was because of Beauty at War that they dropped Sheren from Eric Tsang's new series Aerobic Girls. "Sheren turned it down because there was schedule conflicts. We did not discuss the terms." It waas said Eric Tsang opened an artist management company and is stealing TVB artists? Miss Lok said: "He always had the management company, many will help TVB. If artists don't sign with TVB and decide to go with Eric Tsang, that's not a bad thing either because we're all on the same side."


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