Thursday, May 30, 2013

Bosco Wong enraged by relationship rumour

Following reports that he has found Myolie Wu's replacement in 20-year-old actress, Bella Lam, a furious Bosco Wong dismissed the rumours as rubbish and demanded the media to stop publishing news about his love life.

Groove Asia reported that on 27 May, the actor, who saw the headline, exclaimed, "Don't write nasty things about me. I am disgusted by the news. Just leave me alone. We collaborated in "Lives Of Omission" a few years ago and didn't keep in touch at all."

When asked about the rumours that Bella claimed herself as his girlfriend, Bosco was furious and expressed, "Stop playing games with me and stop creating rumours. I just want to do my job peacefully."

Earlier, a tabloid reported that the "Come Home Love" actress, Bella Lam was the primary reason for Bosco Wong and Myolie Wu's breakup. When asked about the truth behind the rumour, Bosco stressed, "Don't ask me! I don't like to read this kind of news anyway, it's just for fun and I'm not sure if the girl was trying to get publicity."

Bosco also stressed that his relationship with Myolie is a thing of the past and that the media should stop hurting other people with their speculations.

Christine Kuo sheds nine pounds

TVB actress Christine Kuo is determined to lose all her baby fat and subsequently lose the nickname "Fat Kuo".

Jayne Stars website reported that the actress, who made her appearance with Sheren Tang, Shirley Yeung and Ron Ng at an inauguration event hosted by the Grateful Heart Charity Foundation, revealed that she has lost nine pounds so far.

Christine enthused, "I have been watching my food intake closely and have tried different methods. I do yoga; I go to the gym and also take Chinese medicine to ensure fitness."

Meanwhile, when asked regarding rumours of supposed flame Aaron Kwok renting a luxury unit on her behalf, the actress admitted to apartment-hunting but denied Aaron's involvement.

She expressed, "I haven't decided where I will rent. Aaron and I are not in a relationship, so why would he sponsor me?"

Meanwhile, actress Sheren Tang, who also attended the event declined to answer any questions regarding her recent suspension from TVB.

Ron Ng denies dating Kelly Fu

Actor Ron Ng recently dismissed rumours of a blossoming relationship with newcomer, Kelly Fu.

According to Asianpopnews website, while speaking to the media at a recent event, the actor shot down the dating rumour and stated that the media have distorted the actress' words.

"She did not say she was dating me," the actor exclaimed. "The media had twisted her statements."

Earlier, it was reported that Kelly was full of praises for Ron and was quoted saying, "Wait till he admits that he is courting me first", when asked if they are indeed in a relationship.

Asked if Kelly had a crush on him, the "Triumph in the Skies II" actor dismissed it, and said, "I don't have such luck! But I have to thank her for praising me. Let me earn more money first and become a 'hot commodity'. Moses Chan is deserved the 'hot commodity' title as he can afford a luxurious property."

The actor concluded that he has no intention to be involved in any relationship at the moment and wishes to give priority to his acting career.

Fiona Sit drowns sorrow at gay pub

It seems that Cantopop singer Fiona Sit has a thing for drowning sorrows in gay bars, as she was recently spotted having a wild party at a gay bar in Central with her industry colleagues.

As reported on Groove Asia, on 26 May, the singer, who was recently pulled out from a charity show performance by her company, was seen releasing her stress with renowned lyricist Wyman Wong, actor Joey Leung and Edmond Tong.

The 31-year-old singer was seen dancing passionately with the trio after downing a couple of drinks. She also grew excited when the pub played her song, "886", and decided to dirty dance with Edmond.

The party eventually ended at 4am after Fiona gave Joey a goodbye kiss on his neck.

Meanwhile, according to media reports, the singer became a victim of office politics and was forced to withdraw from a charity show by her company, due to a power struggle within TVB's management.

Him Law Fears Exposure When Wearing Swim Trunks

Yesterday Him Law and singer Shiga Lin attended the sunblock product Biotherm's event. The lengmos Phoebe Hui and Bonnie Leung appeared dressed in bikini tops as well. It was said Him was too "conservative", but he frankly expressed he still cannot accept attending a show in his swim trunks. He said: "I think swim trunks are too much like underwear, there are too many precautions to take. I'm afraid of exposure. (What if you get a high pay for doing it?) I can handle wearing beach pants in outdoor events." He disclosed he's been busy shooting for a new film and hasn't had time to keep fit, but fortunately he is still able to maintain his 7-pack. Asked if his abdomen muscles attract his girlfriend the most? He said embarrassed: "Men most attractive qualities are treating women well and a positive mentality. It is not about the physical appearance because one day that will be gone. I believe I cannot keep my current body figure until age 45. When that time comes, my figure will turn into a typical man's figure."

Selena Li Felt Terrified Had No Jobs Since January

Former Miss HK Selena Li attended an event yesterday and disclosed she gained some weight. She now weighs 120 pounds and her manager has urged her to lose weight. Since Selena's current series Slow Boat Home has been well-received, she has been offered more job opportunities in Mainland. Selena said: "Even if I don't sleep, I still have to go make the money because it has been really quiet recently. I didn't have a job from January until now, which is something I have never experienced since my entry into the industry. It's terrifying. Luckily because the series is doing well, the jobs are coming back and I'm feeling happier now."

Also, due to the large crowd at the event, the security tried to maintain order and ended up bumping into a female reporter. The female reporter shouted someone sexually harassed her. The public relations spokesperson expressed: "Actually its because there were a lot of people, someone just accidentally bumped into the reporter. I believe its not intentional. I immediately apologized to that reporter, but that security officer will issue a statement to clarify as well."

Yoyo Mung Talks About 7 Year Love Marathon with Ekin Cheng

Since Yoyo Mung left TVB, she is now a freelance artist and appears on iCable for the first time. She was a guest on the talk show Star Chatroom and talked about her 7 year love marathon with Ekin Cheng. Yoyo said: "I decided to entrust this 'big kid' for a lifetime and it is all because of my grandmother's passing in 2007, which was a huge impact on me. At the time, I had only been dating Ekin for half a year, but he called me early in the morning and told me to go to his house. He said I should not face this alone. It was that moment I acknowledged him as a man I could rely on."

What Yoyo admires most about Ekin is that he knows how to cherish family. "Before the widespread of smartphones, Ekin's father already knew how to use WhatsApp and send pictures. Clearly, Ekin really spent the time and patience to teach his father how he could communicate with him. When Ekin has a day off, he will drive his family around on a joy ride and take them on vacation. He really loves and cherishes family, and I believe he would treat me the same way. I'm very sloppy and rarely clean the house. People had complained about me before, but he really shows tolerance me."

Yoyo disclosed Ekin made the marriage proposal ring himself. "He secretly made the ring while I was not home. It is an one of a kind silver ring and he made it to surprise me." When speaking of her plans to have children, Yoyo expressed she will not consider children for now. "We are afraid we won't have anyone to take care of us when we get old, so we have to exercise more while we're young. We want more technology products, such as a massager and voice machine to help us get up from bed."

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Joyce Tang Admits Boyfriend Proposed, Waiting to be a Bride

It has been rumored Joyce Tang is getting married at the end of the year. After getting through two failed relationships with Marco Ngai, then Derek Kwok, this 'sing lui' goes right back into the battlefield and finds her true love. A year ago, she started dating the executive of the digital camera company Canon (Matthew Chu). At the time, Matthew had a girlfriend, but she got defeated by Joyce. In the past year, Joyce had been focused more on her relationship and reduced her time on television. It was rumored Matthew successfully proposed to her and Joyce is ready to be Mrs. Chu, so she decided not to renew her TVB contract. Apparently, her upcoming series Awfully Lawful will be her farewell series in TVB.

Yesterday Joyce was spotted at the supermarket in Causeway bay. She purchased steak, eggs and beverages, ready to cook a loving dinner for her boyfriend. The 37 year old, soon-to-be-bride was seen shopping like a modern housewife. She was happily chatting on the phone, perhaps she's talking to her boyfriend? When reporters approached her for interviews, she smiled and admitted her boyfriend had proposed to her. However, she was unwilling to disclose the details. Asked how her marriage preparations is going? She laughed: "I'm not sure! (Let your boyfriend handle everything?) I didn't! No! You all ask him!" Asked how she would rate her boyfriend? She happily expressed her boyfriend gets a perfect score.

Kate Tsui Haven't Fully Recovered, Rushes Back to Work

On Monday night, Kate Tsui had an accident while shooting for new series My Prime Lady, where she injured her tailbone. Kate was on the floor paralyzed for 10 minutes and cried in pain. She was later accompanied to the emergency room with co-star Dayo Wong and the producer. After two days of rest, Kate returns to work. She was seen in flats and walked carefully into TVB.

Kate expressed her injury is getting better already, she said: "Thank you for your concern. My tailbone is swollen, the X-rays showed no fractures. (Returning to work so fast?) I got a few days doctor's note, but I think I'm fine. I don't want to interrupt the filming schedule and the next few days is only office scenes. I don't have to move that much. They all love me very much. (Are you still going to wear such high heels again?) No other choice, I'm not tall enough. Nobody wants an accident to happen. Even if I was wearing flats that day, I would have fell too. (Dayo Wong felt guilty for not cleaning the water earlier?) It's not his fault, I will talk to him. I'm touched to have my friends and colleagues' comfort."

Is Kate worried her injured tailbone may cause infertility? She said: "At the time I was frightened, felt very confused and only knew to cry. I didn't ask the doctor about that, it should be fine. The doctor is quite handsome actually. I hope there won't be repercussions." Kate added she will still take on the scenes herself and even suggested to the producer not to let her accidental fall "go to waste", it could be used in the series.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Niki Chow Experiences Life or Death in 20 Seconds

While A Change of Heart is airing, Niki will be working on a Mainland costume series The Last Empress with Raymond Lam. Yesterday she flew from Hong Kong to Hangzhou, then traveled in a 7-seater van to Hengdian to prepare for the new series. However, she almost lost her life! Yesterday at 11am, Niki was still on her road trip to Hengdian, but because of the uneven pavement, the van suddenly got a flat tire on the highway. At the time Niki was deep in her sleep, but because the driver slammed on the brakes, the steering wheel twisted from left to right, and a truck from behind almost crashed into them at a high speed, there was danger all around, Niki's manager and assistant immediately woke her up.

Fortunately, the staff sitting in the front passenger seat helped the driver twist the steering wheel in the right direction at the right time and prevented an accident. However, Niki was already frightened to death. Reporters later called Niki, she expressed the life or death experience happened in 20 seconds, she was still frightened that afternoon: "Luckily nothing happened, everyone is ok and I am thankful."

Niki's assistant wrote on Weibo: "Big news, our tire blew on the highway, very dangerous, the cars were going so far. We almost got into an accident and the police came too." Another friend in the car said: "That moment when the tire blew, life or death in 20 seconds, and you (Niki) was still sleeping. Scared me to death! And we almost got hit by a truck." Niki added: "That was indeed a dangerous event. We were on the highway waiting to be rescued! I don't dare to sleep again." Niki's assistant disclosed they waited for the Public Security for 2 hours, but because Niki was on a tight schedule, she called another van to take her to Hengdian.

Niki wrote on Weibo: "Reporting my safety to everyone. We made it safely to the hotel! I'm prepared to start working! Thank you all for the concern and support from the crew!" Christine Ng was very worried about Niki's safety and warned her repeatedly to be careful.

Selena Li Afraid of Pain, Denies Getting a Nose Job

Yesterday Selena Li, Raymond Wong, Lee Yee Man and Elaine Yiu attended the Slow Boat Home promotional event held in Sai Kung. It was reported Selena got a nose job to turn her nose into a "prosperous husband nose" just for the sake of marrying into a wealthy family. Selena laughed at the rumor: "I don't know what a lucky husband nose is. When I was a teenager, I injured my nose while playing basketball and didn't go see a doctor. Later, a doctor suggested that I go get it done, but I'm afraid of pain and didn't think it was necessary. I'm afraid one mistake will cost me a lifetime. Actually every individual has regret and nothing is perfect, so I never done plastic surgery on any part of my body."

Selena thanked the magazines for complimenting that she looks prettier than before. Last month, a magazine spotted her several times at the gym in Kayi Cheung's residence. Why is she such good friends with ex-boyfriend Patrick Tang's rumored girlfriend Kayi? She said: "I am certain she is not with Patrick Tang."

Kate Tsui's Painful Backwards Fall Injuring Tailbone, Rushed to ER

Kate Tsui is currently busy shooting for TVB new series My Prime Lady. Last night, she and her co-star Dayo Wong were shooting inside TVB City in Tseung Kwan O, the scene was about Kate splashing water on Dayo with a cup. Unfortunately Kate, who had 5-inch heels on, accidentally slipped on the wet floor. She fell backwards and basically body slammed on the ground. Dayo, producer Man Wai Hung and the other staff were all very concerned and went forward to help her, while Kate was still on the ground sobbing in pain. The security personnel quickly called the ambulance to take her to the emergency room. Dayo and Producer Man accompanied her.

At around midnight, Kate was seen sitting on a wheelchair waiting for her turn. Soon after, the doctor came to treat her and did some X-rays. The doctor confirmed Kate's tailbone was not broken, just injured and suggested her not to do any walking. She should stay home and rest for a few days. Kate's manager, Candy Ma, pushed her to the ER exit. Dayo patted Kate and said: "You take care!"

Kate was initially suppose to attend My Prime Lady's blessing ceremony, but due to her accident, she was unable to attend. She accepted a telephone interview and expressed after the accident, she could not move at all: "I was really scared, didn't know what to do, so I started crying! Luckily the doctor said there are no broken bones, but that area is swollen. I have to take antibiotics. But because I used my hand to reduce the force during the fall, I ended up spraining my hand as well. I will just have to take a good rest at home and try not to move around too much. (Still going to film with heels on in the future?) I still need to if necessary, but I'll be more careful. Also, I don't want to take too many days off, it won't be good to affect the filming progress." It was understood, Kate is returning to work today (5/29th).

Monday, May 27, 2013

Son Ho Young attempts suicide following his girlfriend's death

Singer Son Ho Young has been reported to have attempted suicide in his car on the morning of the 24th.

According to the police, at 4:36 AM, Son Ho Young parked his car at a parking lot near Onnuri Church, Seoul and attempted to commit suicide in the same method as his girlfriend by lighting butane gas inside his car. The car caught on fire, and as the singer tried to back away from it, a passerby noticed the fumes coming out of the car and made a call to the police for help. He was then rushed to the hospital and was treated immediately, and is fortunately said to be fine with no damage to his health.

Prior to this incident, the singer attended the funeral for his girlfriend and stayed at the wake for the whole day.

His agency has stated that they're still checking into the matter, and for the sake of Son Ho Young as well as his loved ones, they're not sure if an official statement will be released at all regarding the matter.

We wish Son Ho Young a speedy recovery and hope that he can pull through this heartbreaking occurrence.

[Update - The agency has released a short statement stating, "Son Ho Young will need to be hospitalized for two to four days. Although there is no damage to his health, he is in a very fragile state of mind and needs to find stability."]

Wayne Lai threatens to sue imposters

A furious Wayne Lai recently announced that he will take legal action against a mainland company impersonating as his representative if the said company refused to withdraw their false statements regarding him and several other artistes.

Groove Asia reported that earlier, a mainland company made a claim saying that they have an artiste management contract with several Hong Kong stars including Wayne Lai, Lynn Hung, Irene Wan and Simon Yam.

The company also posted a list on their official website that shows the artistes' sponsorship and appearance fees, hinting that they are responsible for making arrangements for the artistes.

However, the fees listed on the website were all sky-high, showing that the company is trying to gain profits from the artistes' name.

Wayne Lai, who heard the news recently, denied ever accepting any jobs through the said company.

The actor also posted a message on his Weibo for the company, saying, "To the representative of the related party, please have some self-respect and delete the false advertisements, otherwise there will certainly be legal action taken against you."

Fala Chen wants to travel

As her management contract with TVB has recently ended, Fala Chen revealed that she will have more time to do what she wanted to do most: travelling.

According to Popular Asians, the actress, who is known for her love of travelling, natural landscapes and new adventures, stated, "Travelling is not just a hobby for me, but a philosophy. It's my way to cleanse myself, to be relieved of my work in Hong Kong, to let go of worries, and to leave this environment."

Likening the process to getting out of character after shooting a drama, the actress expressed that travelling helps her to start over again.

"Vacation is not the time for me to play around at nightclubs, but to enjoy the scenery, to eat some delicious food, to watch television, and just be lazy!" the "Triumph In The Skies II" actress enthused.

When asked if she would take her boyfriend, Neway heir Daniel Sit to one of her trips, Fala stated that she has a habit of travelling on her own, which she has been doing since her college years in Atlanta, Georgia.

Aimee Chan to visit sick mother in Canada with Moses Chan

Following recent speculations that Moses Chan and Aimee Chan are in a rush to tie the knot because the latter is pregnant after the actress reportedly withdrew from her TVB drama to “settle some private matters”, an insider has revealed the real reason behind her withdrawal. It was said that the actress applied had to return to Canada to visit her mother who is sick.

The insider further revealed that Moses will be accompanying his girlfriend to visit his “future mother-in-law” and discuss marriage plans at the same time. In a previous interview, Moses admitted that he and his girlfriend are currently preparing for their marriage. It was said that the couple initially intended to get married next year, but the actor has decided to push forward their marriage to this year to lift up the spirits of Aimee’s ailing mother with the good news.
According to the insider, the couple will officially register their marriage before throwing a wedding banquet in Canada.

While Moses previously avoided giving a straightforward answer when asked to comment on the rumours of Aimee’s expectancy, the 42-year-old denied the pregnancy rumours in an interview two days ago. The Hong Kong actor said, “I am a very traditional person, so we will only have kids after we get married. Everything has to follow an order.”

According to the Hong Kong media, Moses is looking for ways to earn more money to save up for his marriage. The actor reportedly intends to leave TVB for China’s more lucrative market once his contract expires. Desperately trying to persuade him to stay, TVB is reportedly negotiating with the actor and has even offered to source for suitable mainland dramas for him.

In response to the reports, Moses said, “It’s true that we are currently negotiating the renewal of my contract. I want to act in mainland dramas and movies so that I can explore the world out there and expand my horizons.”

Sheren Tang only temporarily suspended

Following news saying that actress Sheren Tang has been suspended by TVB's top management, it has now been reported that the issue is not as serious as it sounds, but just an action on TVB's part to mend the problem, as reported on Groove Asia.

The controversy began when TVB's General Manager Mark Lee recently made a statement against the actress, who has been voicing out her dissatisfaction regarding the piecemeal scripts that has been given to the cast during production of "Beauty At War".

Mark stressed that the actress has not been collaborative and preferred to air their dirty laundry to the media instead, thus the company will no longer work with her.

However, when asked about TVB's decision to cut her off, TVB Assistant General Manager, Peter Au expressed, "Don't use the word 'cut off'. It is just like a quarrel in the family. We didn't say we won't collaborate again; we just want to settle the issue first. I do hope this incident won't happen again."

Peter continued, "Team spirit requires a common goal. As a member of the team, one must sacrifice their beliefs and honour to reach that goal. TVB just hope that our artistes will not express their views through the media, and destroy the hard work of the other staff. Don't use the TV ratings to determine win or loss."

Kibby Lau denies sexual services

Model-actress Kibby Lau recently dismissed rumours of a sex scandal in Macau, following reports saying that the actress has pocketed a hefty amount of money to service a man from mainland China, Jayne Stars reported. On 14 May, the actress received HKD 250,000 (app. USD 32,204) to spend a night with a middle-aged man at a hotel in Macau.

Kibby, who suspiciously boarded a minivan in Macau, was spotted having dinner with the man in question before entering Star World Hotel together. The actress was not seen leaving the hotel that same night.

Several sources also claimed that they possess an audio recording of the situation, whereby an alleged Kibby asked the man for his age and origin, and whether or not it is going to be a "fast job". The voice also told the man to delete the content on his WhatsApp to avoid leakage.

However, Kibby was quick to deny the reports, and clarified that she was having dinner for a friend's birthday, and they had gone into the hotel to sing karaoke.
When asked why she was not seen leaving the hotel, Kibby said that there were many exits and the paparazzi may have missed her when she did.

The upset actress also responded via Weibo the next day, stating, "Twisted words can indeed kill someone. When a teacher gives you a photo, you can write a story based on it. The author can vividly put it into words, making it provocative, funny, touching, or repulsive. I am only a woman. If you remove the glamorous mask, I am still a person of flesh and blood who has thoughts and feelings. Thank you to my family and friends who care for me and trust me. Don't worry, I'm fine! It's not true when it's not true!"

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fala Chen Ditches TVB, Secretly Participates in Gordon Chan's Horror Film

TVB FaDan Fala Chen's contract is expiring this month. She used "going to the US for continuing studies" as an excuse to not renew the contract, but her whereabouts had been a controversy all along. The public speculated that she's actually going to work in Mainland, while others thought she switched over to Ricky Wong's HKTV. Fala has not made a public appearance since late April, it turns out she secretly participated in director Gordon Chan's horror film Tales from the Dark 1 & 2 scheduled to release this summer.

Tales from the Dark 1 & 2 is considered a heavyweight film, since it is produced by the award-winning film Cold War producer Matthew Tang. There are a total of six small stories in the two-part film, each directed by HK film industry's big players Gordon Chan, Fruit Chan, Lawrence Lau, Teddy Robin, Simon Yam and Lee Chai Ngai. The horror film stars Kelly Chen, Tony Leung (Kar Fai), Maggie Siu and Dada Chan.

Yesterday at 6AM, Fala appeared at North Point dressed in a long blue dress with her long scattered hair and light makeup. At the scene, Fala had a restless and agitated expression on her face and carried an old styled grocery bag loitering on the street. It looks like all that training she received from TVB paid off, she acted like a female ghost while the cameras rolled and looked very much into character. In between scenes, she listened to director Gordon Chan's instructions intently, demonstrating her professionalism.

Gordon Lam Praises Fala's Professionalism

Gordon Lam has many scenes opposite of Fala, yesterday he accepted a telephone interview and praised Fala's professionalism. He said: "She performed very well, placed a lot of effort into it and did all her homework. This film is a huge challenge to both Fala and myself because we both have two different types of extreme emotions to convey. I think Fala was able to deliver and performed very well! (You're very pleased with Fala's performance?) I am very pleased with the whole crew's efforts." Fala and Gordon both started out as television artists and then switched to the film scene, did Gordon give Fala any tips? Gordon laughed: "She's so hardworking, it's really not necessary! Actually me and her cooperate well, we're able to create something new together."

Also, in regards to the rumor that Fala is moving into the film scene after her TVB contract expires? Fala's spokesperson expressed: "Fala is concentrating purely on filming, all interviews will be arranged by the film production company."

Friday, May 24, 2013

Sharon Chan Gives Louis Yuen a Passionate Belated Birthday Kiss

Yesterday Sharon Chan and Louis Yuen were at the beach in Sek O for the shooting of TVB new series My Prime Lady. The scene was about how Louis' grandmother pursued his grandfather back in the 60s. Louis played the young grandfather and Sharon played the young grandmother. Yesterday at the beach, Sharon appeared in a 60s bikini, showing off her beautiful 43-inch legs. Sharon knew she didn't have much to show on her upper body, she grabbed Louis, who was dressed in an one-piece bathing suit and joked: "I can't show much on the top, let me borrow your milk to take pictures!" The two were shooting a 'hero rescuing beauty' scene, where Louis had to help Sharon do CPR and won himself a belated birthday kiss from Sharon.

Sharon expressed she didn't go on a diet because of this bikini, but disclosed if she were to compare to her co-stars Dayo Wong and Kate Tsui, she and Louis are a pair of mad eaters. "Dayo and Kate are not eating! Even during our lunch breaks, they're not eating. Usually they just sit with us at the table and not eat, not sure if they got anorexia or something!"

Louis just celebrated his 46th birthday a few days ago, but because of work, he just had 3 hours to celebrate with his family, girlfriend and several friends. His girlfriend did the cooking that night and invited good friends Charmaine Sheh, Michael Miu and his wife Jamie Chik, Felix Wong, Annie Man, Toby Leung and Angela Tong. He said: "Charmaine saw my girlfriend always in the kitchen cooking, so we all met up to have a happy dinner together." Louis said he had to leave early that night because he had to rush back to filming, but his friends continued having a great time. However, someone broke his chair and spilled the wine: "There were two friends sharing a chair, so it broke. Well then, I had to ask them to pay for it. The most important is everyone cherishes time together." When asked whether his mother forced him to hurry and start a family? Louis said he and his mother came to an agreement 20 years ago, "My sister has kids already, my mother is grandmother, so I am in no rush."

Wayne Lai Warns Mainland Company Who Impersonated Him, Legal Action Will Be Taken

Some company in Mainland claimed they have an artist management contract with Lynn Hung, Irene Wan and Simon Yam. On their official website, they posted photos of Faye Wong, Fan Bingbing, Donnie Yen, Wayne Lai and 10 other artists from China, HK and Taiwan. The website listed how much the artists' "sponsor fees" and "appearance money" are. It seems like they are trying to show the company is capable of making job arrangements for those artists.

Yesterday Wayne expressed in a statement on Weibo, he denied ever accepting any jobs through this company and expressed there is a change he may take legal action against the company. "To the representative of the related party, please have some self-respect and delete the false advertisements, otherwise there will certainly be legal action taken against you."

Reporters investigated deeper into the issue and found the "sponsor fees" and "appearance money" the company listed were all sky-high prices. Just take Faye Wong for example, it is impossible her appearance money can reach up to HK$31 million. It is clear this company is borrow the names of these artists for personal gain.

Bosco Wong wants to pursue f(x)'s Victoria Song

Yesterday Bosco Wong, Christine Kuo and Korean girl group f(x)'s Chinese lead singer Victoria Song attended a COACH event. There nearly a 100 Victoria fans waiting outside the Coach store. Surrounded by rumor after rumor, does Bosco want to try pursuing a Korean star? At first he said he doesn't know Korean, but he later learned Victoria is Chinese, he then said: "Then I will have to really meet her!"

When Victoria appeared at the event, she appeared friendly and first took a group picture with Bosco and Christine. After the pictures, the staff took Victoria away. During the interviews, Victoria and reporters were already at a distance, but the staff still kept telling reporters to move back and the security came in to stop reporters from interviewing. It turns out the scheduled interview was canceled. Victoria didn't know how to react and just stood there smiling.

After clearing up the confusion, Victoria came back out again for an interview. She spoke in fluent Mandarin, "This time I came to HK alone to attend this event. I feel quite nervous because I usually get interviewed on a large stage. Close distance interviews is a stranger to me." Victoria's favorite HK artists include Andy Lau, Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung Man Yuk, but she described them as old actors: "I was born after 1980, to the younger generation may consider relatively older actors, but I do hope to work with them."

All along, Bosco is seen as the 'pursue girl king', after his break up with Myolie Wu, he had been surrounded by rumors. He denied: "Don't give me that title. My career is priority. (Dating?) In series, yes. Watching Raymond Lam dating and rumor marriage, really happy for him, but I haven't found a target yet." It was said he could pursue Korean stars? Bosco said: "I don't know Korean. Is she Chinese? I definitely need to meet her then. Actually I don't mind dating someone of a different nationality, but I haven't met any."

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Married Raymond Wong, Can't Guarantee He Won't Cheat

When Raymond Wong debuted, he was spotted by director Johnnie To, who brought him into the film industry. However because Johnnie saw no improvement in his acting, Raymond went through a period of time where he had absolutely no jobs. This happened about 6 years ago before he joined TVB. From this past experience of seeing no future, Raymond learned to cherish his career and family.

Fear of Having to Pay the Crew's Lunch Bill

Reporter: Before entering TVB, how did you get through 9 months of no work?

Raymond: I relied on my family and savings to survive. People are inert. When one does not know what type of job they will be facing, it is difficult to try and advance on anything, so then just hea your life away! Actually I felt really discouraged those 9 months before entering TVB. I basically just had enough for basic living expenses. I went to work first by taking the subway and then connecting to a bus. During my lunch hour, I would eat elsewhere because I didn't dare to eat with the staff, I was afraid they would ask me to pay for the bill!

Reporter: When you first went from the film industry into the TV industry, did you feel like you got demoted?

Raymond: I didn't think that way. I just wasn't used to a lot of it and it seems like my acting was worse than before! In the beginning, I was avoiding work and it was a pretty big deal! It wasn't until Sweetness in the Salt that things started picking up again. My interests came back then.

Reporter: Avoid going to work, that big of a deal! Have you thought of giving up?

Raymond: Nope! I was under a contract! I was feeling unhappy, but it was just because of the transition, I thought I could handle it.

Reporter: You're not a 'biological son' (TVB management artist), why did TVB still let you take on the leading roles?

Raymond: Five years ago, the competition was still very fierce. In the recent years, Kevin Cheng, Ron Ng, Bosco Wong and many Siu Sangs went out to make more money, so more opportunities landed on me.

Handsome is Useless

Reporter: You've been married for 7 years, do you and your wife still have romantic times? Has your wife complained you're boring?

Raymond: For many years already! My life is totally boring! My wife likes to go out and try different foods, but I'm always eating at the canteen. I won't try out new things. My wife says: "You weren't like this when we were dating!" I answered: "Every man isn't like how they were before marriage. That time I was trying to marry you!" But I think its good to try out new things from time to time, so nowadays I usually invite friends out to eat and have them do the recommendations.

Reporter: Does your wife usually accommodate you?

Raymond: She does! She's the one who gave up on her dream, I can still pursue mines.

Reporter: What is her dream?

Raymond: She wants to open an art exhibition, but actually she studied oil painting at the art school Emily Carr Institute in Canada before. The same school Wing Shya studied in. The school only accepts a few Chinese students each year. My wife also hopes to develop her career further, but she has to look after our two sons now, so she doesn't have the time anymore.

Reporter: Your wife came from a wealthy family, was there pressure on you?

Raymond: My wife and her family are completely financially independent. Back then, she worked part-time while studying to make her own money because her father was 10 times more strict than my father. My father-in-law believes discipline will help his kids be able to survive where ever they go, so my wife is trained well. She's very tough, she can take care of the entire garden on her own. People in the industry know she's very strong. Even if the director did something wrong, she will go tell him off!

Reporter: Consider having more children?

Raymond: No more, can't handle it! Don't even mention the financial issue, can't distribute the love evenly! Luckily my oldest son loves his little brother a lot. Usually he's very rough, but then he'll go secretly give his brother a kiss, smile and then walk off. It's rare, but this was one of my hopes.

Reporter: Do you think you're handsome?

Raymond: In terms of my five sense organs, of course I cannot say I'm ugly, but there are so many people in the country, there are handsome guys everywhere! I think its useless being handsome in this industry. The reality is the females cannot make it to the front line without beauty, but the males can still be on the front line without being handsome! As an artist, the most important is to encounter a good role and acceptance from the audience. Also, its about how much effort you put into the performance, the looks are secondary.

Kevin Cheng Warns Him to be Careful

Reporter: How do you counter entice from the opposite sex?

Raymond: It is difficult to maintain a marriage. I might be going to Mainland for work soon, many people warned me to be careful, especially Kevin Cheng. He said: "Brother, you have a wife. You really have to be careful, you might get into trouble at any point in time!" Today, I came here to do this interview with you, I still hope to keep my family forever, but perhaps two weeks later or two years later, the media might catch me with another girl. Life is difficult to predict, it's hard to promise anything!

Reporter: If it really has to happen, then it could happen in HK too!

Raymond: I don't have too much of a craving for this! I try to avoid as much as I can. If I don't have a close friend or my manager with me, I try my best to avoid nightlife. Even during social gatherings with drinking involved, I keep it at a minimum and decline to others' request of taking pictures with them. Also, when I'm out at night, I keep my alcohol expenses low, around HK$2000 or HK$200. Unless I'm out to meet girls, otherwise without a purpose, I could just tell my friends to come over to my house and we drink there! Working in this industry is so tiring, is it really worth taking the chances to lose everything all at once?

Selena Li Will Consider Kenneth Ma If Still Single in 5 Years

Yesterday Kenneth Ma, Selena Li, Lin Xiawei, Pierre Ng, and Yoyo Chen took part in the costume fitting of TVB new series Cold Mountain, Hidden Dragon. Kenneth disclosed he and Selena are a married couple in the series and to demonstrate the husband-wife love, he will ask the producer to add kiss and bed scenes, but Selena said she won't kiss men with a mustache. Kenneth said he'll try his best to persuade her. Reporters teased whether Kenneth isn't attractive enough? Kenneth shook his head and expressed its not related. He saw Selena and Ruco Chan's many kiss scenes in Slow Boat Home, he will have to search for his shortcomings.

Selena mentioned before if she still can't find somebody in 5 years, she will consider Kenneth and that she loves Chinese. Kenneth said: "I'm a pure Hong Kong boy! Tell her to consider me!" In regards to Kenneth wanting to add kiss and bed scenes, Selena laughed and said she will have to see if its necessary for the plot, but it is a fact she does not like men with mustache. Kenneth asked her to consider him, Selena said embarrassingly: "I'm not in a hurry. Five years later, if we're still single at that age, then that's quite miserable. That's ok, let's give it a try!"

It was widely rumored Aimee Chan withdrew from this series because she's pregnant and Lin Xiawei replaces her, 'filling her shoes'. However, Lin Xiawei did not mind at all, she frankly expressed she had always admired Aimee's performances. Although she was notified of this replacement on short notice and does not have much time to prepare, she will still take Kung Fu lessons to accommodate her role as the master of martial arts. When speaking of her cousin, Raymond Lam and Karena Ng's rumored secret marriage in the U.S? Lin Xiawei expressed the U.S trip was purely for her younger cousin's graduation (Raymond's brother). At the airport back in HK, Raymond was only willing to help his girlfriend push her luggage and Lin Xiawei had to take care of herself? She laughed: "I'm independent, I like to push my own luggage!"

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Priscilla Wong Tears Up "6.4" Interview Gets Distorted

TVB newcomer Priscilla Wong frankly expressed the re-emerge of her Hong Kong Connection interview back when she was 17 years old, where she mentioned the "6.4 Incident" and the reports that came along with it has been troubling her. She has been emotionally affected by the reports and feels unhappy. When asked where she feels the media distorted her meaning? Priscilla started getting emotional with teary eyes, she expressed back then the interview was about a teenage girl in search of her dream, and not about the 6.4 Incident. She said: "Its difficult to bear, why must [the media] insist what I said was set on the 6.4 Incident. (It was said you're afraid of the sensitive topic, so you 'jumped the boat' and pretended to lose your memory?) I also think its strange, I'm from Hong Kong too, no one will forget this incident. Each individual expresses themselves differently, some keep it inside and others choose to voice it out. Why must you all force me!"

Priscilla said she is just an ordinary person and is still the same as before. She said: "I do not have big dreams, I'm not some great person or a politician. Putting such a huge accusation on me, I cannot accept it."

Virgina Lok Exposed Moses Chan's Absence Due to Fear of the Media

esterday 300+ TVB artists gathered to shoot a promotional clip, but recently the artists rumored to be getting married -- Moses Chan, Aimee Chan and Raymond Lam were all absent. Virgina Lok's favorite Raymond was said to have married girlfriend Karena while attending his brother's graduation in the States. Miss Lok expressed that is not true, Raymond had already told her a year ago that he's flying to the States to attend his brother's graduation. When he came back to HK, he flew back to Hengdian immediately to wrap up some filming. He basically does not have the time to get married: "He's relationship is already so high-profile, he absolutely won't try to hide it, if he does get married."

As for Moses and Aimee, Miss Lok expressed she did save a spot for Moses this year, but she believes his absence had to do with his fear of the media chasing him down with questions. Asked if Aimee is pregnant? Miss Lok said: "I don't know. She just said there is an emergency in her family and she has to fly home. She didn't even answer her manager's calls. I don't think its true, but its just my own wishful thinking that Ah Mo should marry her and have kids soon."

When speaking of TVB Assistant General Manager Peter Au's announcement of the 2014 new criteria that all series must have 80% of the script completed before filming can begin and the added rest time for artists? Miss Lok expressed this is good news in the artists' perspective, but she denied the changes were made due to Beauty At War's low ratings. If the issue does not get resolve, it will always be there and she believes the last minute scripts is wasting resources. As for the rumored Sheren Tang cut off? Miss Lok said: "Some artists are straightforward when they speak, we don't have hard feelings and hope it will be fine soon. When there is a suitable script, we will use again." She denied it was because of Beauty at War that they dropped Sheren from Eric Tsang's new series Aerobic Girls. "Sheren turned it down because there was schedule conflicts. We did not discuss the terms." It waas said Eric Tsang opened an artist management company and is stealing TVB artists? Miss Lok said: "He always had the management company, many will help TVB. If artists don't sign with TVB and decide to go with Eric Tsang, that's not a bad thing either because we're all on the same side."

TVB Clarified Didn't Cut Sheren Tang Off; Announces New Improved Employee Benefits

A new scandal started involving Beauty At War's lead actress Sheren Tang and TVB's 'last minute scripts' system. Earlier Sheren scolded TVB for not having the script available at the time of filming and frequently gives them the script at the last minute. It was said Sheren and the Beauty At War crew got into an argument, and TVB decided to cut her off. TVB General Manager Mark Lee On Po directly said Sheren Tang cannot lose and thus will no longer collaborate with her. In regards to this, TVB Assistant General Manager Peter Au Wai Lam expressed: "Don't use the words 'cut off'. It is just like a family quarreling, then why not just do less talking and temporarily take a break. We didn't say we won't collaborate again, we just want to settle the issue first and I do hope this incident didn't happen. Team spirit requires a common goal. As a member of the team, one must sacrifice their own belief and honor to be able to reach that goal. TVB does not hope artists express their views through the media, don't wipe out the hard work of the other staff and don't use the TV ratings to determine win or loss."

Sheren's old partner Wayne Lai expressed they don't really keep in touch, but he often encounters her at work. He doesn't think this is a big deal, he said: "If the collaboration does not work out, then don't collaborate. Sheren has her work, the cut off won't be too much of an impact on her. TVB can also choose to work with others."

Improved Employee Benefits

Fortunately, Peter Au took advantage of the large promotional event yesterday to announce the new employee benefits. He expressed from 2014 and on, all series must have at least 80% of the script completed before filming can begin; Artists should have 8-9 hours of rest time in between each scene; There will be an increase of behind-the-scenes crew members to help reduce the workload; and TVB plans to recruit former artists back. The 300+ artists at the promotion cheered in support of the new benefits!

Liza voted in favor of the changes in production and artist rest time. "I personally would like to have the complete script. Long hours of filming, it is very important for an artist to get enough rest."

Bosco Wong & Myolie Wu Stands Next to Each Other Zero Interaction

Yesterday TVB announced the good news of obtaining the broadcast rights of the 2014 Brazil World Cup and sent out 353 artists to shoot a promotional clip in attempt to bring the momentum back up from the recent trend of low-rated series. However, several of the first line FaDans and Siu Sangs were absent including Moses Chan, Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Fala Chen, Linda Chung and Ron Ng. The center of attention fell on former couple Myolie Wu and Bosco Wong, who were arranged to stand right next to each other.

The 353 artists arrived dressed in the TVB theme colors, the male artists in red and the female artists in green, to promote for the Brazil World Cup and Amazing Summer 2014. The two big sisters Liza Wang and Dodo Cheng were arranged to stand in the center of the front row along with Nat Chan. TV King Wayne Lai and 'My Favorite TV Male Character' Kenneth Ma stood on either side of the two big sisters. To the right of the front row -- Kenneth Ma, Myolie Wu, Bosco Wong, Kate Tsui and Wong Cho Lam; to the left of the front row -- Kristal Tin, Ruco Chan, Selena Li and Edwin Siu. In the second row, there was Lawrence Ng, Louise Lee, Nancy Sit, Michelle Yim, Christine Kuo, Eliza Sam, Raymond Wong, Mandy Wong and Priscilla Wong.

Since Myolie and Bosco broke up, they rarely appeared at the same event together. This time, not only were they at the same event, but they were also standing right next to each other. Of course, the spotlight will be right on them. However, the two had zero interaction throughout the night, one kept their head turned left, while the other turned right. Myolie would rather chat with Kenneth Ma then to care about Bosco. Bosco also kept his sight to the right, chatting with ex-rumored girlfriend Kate Tsui.

The big group picture took several hours to complete, 75 year old Ha Ping's feet started hurting from all the standing. Drama Production Director Catherine Tsang and Production Resource Director Virgina Lok helped her stay standing.

During the interview, Myolie expressed there was no awkwardness seeing Bosco again. She said: "We were standing right next to each other too! There was no awkwardness, but we didn't have the opportunity to chat. We haven't been in touch for a period of time, but as colleagues we still see each other. (Already let go?) Don't make it sound so serious, its old news. (Any chance of reconciling?) Why aren't Moses Chan and Aimee Chan here? Don't ask me these questions."

Chatted in the Makeup Room

Bosco was asked why he and ex-girlfriend Myolie Wu interact at all? He denied: "We did say hi and chatted in the makeup room. Actually there really wasn't much, but you all made it awkward. (TVB put you guys on the table?) The standing positions is part of work. (Already let go?) I'm fine, it is the media always mentioning it." Whether the two will collaborate again in the future, Bosco said to let TVB make the arrangements. As for Raymond Lam's secret marriage rumor, Bosco expressed if its true he is happy for him.

Kate did not feel awkward being with Bosco and Myolie. When speaking of her other rumor with the TVB boss Charles Chan, Kate expressed: "He's the boss, of course he's here today. We have so many events annually, should I not go to work then?" When speaking of Raymond's secret marriage rumor, Kate laughed: "If he got married and didn't invite me, then I'm gong to beat him. Seeing him in such a sweet relationship, I feel happy for him."

Kenneth Promoted to Center Front Row

Kenneth Ma clearly got promoted, he stood right next to the big sisters, he expressed: "Because I got an award last year, so Wayne Lai and I stood on the opposite sides since all the big brothers are out working elsewhere." Kenneth expressed his interest in hosting the Brazil Word Cup next year, and may even recommend himself for the job. The two 'goddesses' Christine Kuo and Eliza Sam also hope to have the opportunity to go to Brazil, they wish to go together, but are also worried about their poor Cantonese. Perhaps they could demonstrate their English instead.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Lee Hyori returns as one of the "Bad Girls"

The diva is back! Lee Hyori has officially stepped out of her long break away from the music scene with her 5th album 'Monochrome' and her title track "Bad Girls"!

She's already proven her presence by topping charts with her pre-release "Miss Korea" without any promotions for the song, so she's expected to reign as queen with her full comeback!

"Bad Girls", her title track, is a dance song that features analog band sounds composed by a Norwegian team, with the lyrics written by Hyori herself. In addition to the title song, the sexy songstress also participated in writing 9 other songs, pouring her all into her comeback.

So check out the album below as well as her music video with a cameo by Leessang's Gil, and catch her first stage through her comeback show '2HYORI Show' airing on the 22nd!

Selena Li Denies Dating a Black Male, Exclaims: “I Love Chinese”

It has recently been rumored that Selena Li is has been going on dates with her black male friend Reggie Marti (also Fiona Sit's friend), who is the executive of The Venetian Macao. Yesterday Selena was filming a promotional clip for TVB new series Awfully Lawful and denied dating Reggie. She said: "He's just friend. My past boyfriends had always been Chinese guys. I'm very traditional and will only date Chinese guys, so the rumor is impossible. I love Chinese!" She expressed she is still in the "getting to know" stage and hopes her future partner is someone whom she will marry because she does not want to be hurt again.

When speaking of her intimate scenes with ex-boyfriend Patrick Tang in TVB series Slow Boat Home, she said: "I was into character at the time, nothing special. I’m very pleased to hear the series is getting good ratings, but I’m also worried of getting yelled at because of my role. Well, if there are haters, then that’s a good thing. I usually portray likeable roles anyway, and should play despicable one sometimes.”

Raymond Lam & Karena Back in HK Hand In Hand, Smiles at Marriage Rumor

It was rumored Raymond Lam and Karena Ng were secretly married in the U.S. Yesterday morning, the couple came back to HK accompanied by Raymond's cousin Lin Xiawei. At the airport, the couple walked out together with their luggage and while getting in the taxi, Raymond held his girlfriend's hand tightly. Although Raymond did not respond to any of the marriage rumors, he and Karena BB smiled at each other and totally accepted reporters' "congratulations" without a question. With her boyfriend next to her, Karena did not say a word, only Raymond disclosed she'll be denying the rumor when she attends an event later that afternoon.

Since February 2013 when the couple went public, they have appeared very sweet with nicknames for each other "Karena BB" and "L Pig", and they're often seen traveling together. A few days ago, they traveled to the U.S to attend Raymond's brother graduation at the University of Southern California. Raymond's parents and cousin Lin Xiawei went with them. Raymond's brother group photo of him with Raymond and Lin Xiawei on Weibo.

Reporters surrounded the couple asking questions on the marriage rumors and whether they're admitting tacitly? Raymond just smiled at Karena and then said: "Its always the media making up these stories. I am not responding this time." Asked if they're already married? When will they hold the wedding banquet? He said: "Huh?! Thank you! Thank you!" His responses to all other questions were the same.

Raymond expressed the US trip was to take part in his brother's graduation. Asked if his brother likes to call Karena "Ah So"? He said: "Thanks for the concern!" Are you not married yet then? He insisted on not responding, "You are asking so much, you're getting bored and I'm getting bored. Thanks for the concern!" Reporters then pursued the question on Lin Xiawei, asked if she has to call Karena "Ah So" now? She kept her head down and did not respond. Raymond and Karena were walking besides her and couldn't hold in their laughter.

Later that afternoon, Karena attended an event and was asked about her US trip with Raymond again. She said: "I was just going to attend a graduation. I do not want to talk too much about my personal matters. The graduation is part of his (Raymond) family. (Did you meet his parents?) I saw Auntie and Uncle, they are very kind. I don't want to disclose too many details, it is all in the news."

Karena expressed Raymond's parents did not rush them to get married. She said: "The marriage rumors went around several times. We had 'lightning marriage' rumors and break up rumors. I believe everyone knows its not true, but since we're dating, of course I regard him as a marriageable partner."

Monday, May 20, 2013

SNSD Draws a Crowd in PV for ′Love & Girls′

Girls′ Generation (SNSD) may be taking a break from the Korean music scene, but Korea′s representative girl group is proving it still knows how to have fun.

SNSD released its PV for Love & Girls ahead of the release of its seventh Japanese single album of the same name.

The video featured 1,000 girls from the ages of 10-20 to create a setting similar to a flash mob. This is the first time SNSD has featured such a large crowd in a video, straying away from the traditional staged SM videos.

Gillian Chung's 10 Month Relationship with Mr. K is Game Over

Gillian Chung and her Korean boyfriend (Mr. K) officially broke up earlier this month! This means game over on their 10 months relationship! Yesterday afternoon, a reader discovered Ah Sa and Ah Gil removed Mr. K from their list of following on Weibo, which then triggered the break up rumor. Reporters contacted both girls, Ah Sa's assistant expressed Ah Sa is currently resting and will not comment. Their manager Mani Fok said "no comment" via WeChat. The not-admitting-not-denying attitude signals that there must be an issue.

It was understood, Ah Gil still introduced Mr. K as her boyfriend a month ago, but because they're both busy people, they didn't have the time to go on dates and the interest rapidly declined. The couple eventually ended in a peaceful break up. To avoid dragging the relationship, Ah Gil just removed Mr. K from her Weibo list of following.

Kristal Tin "Hums" to an Opportunity to Launch Her First Solo Album

Yesterday Kristal Tin, Priscilla Wong, Roger Kwok, Evergreen Mak, Grace Wong, Whitney Hui, Cheung Wing Hong and the rest of the TVB series Tongue Sword Courtroom held an end-of-filming dinner. It was said Kristal Tin felt displeased because TVB gave Priscilla more screen time and thus the two were rumored on bad terms. Last night at the dinner, Kristal and Priscilla were the center of attention, but the two were chatting happily and taking pictures together, proving that they are not on bad terms. Kristal posted a photo of her and Priscilla on Weibo: "Fate will bring us back together! Add oil!" Priscilla replied: "I am grateful to have met you. Ah Tin, (Kristal) I really want to collaborate with you again!"

Kristal was in a wonderful mood, she revealed she'll be taking two months off after this to complete something big in her life. Actually Kristal is just talking about launching her first solo album. Kristal won this opportunity because one day she was humming her way into the TVB makeup room, someone captured her humming and uploaded it on the internet, which was then spotted by record company owner Paco Wong. He took initiative, contacted Kristal to ask whether she's interested in launching her very own album. Kristal said: "I'll be recording 10 songs this time, just recording covers of my favorite male singers' old songs. I don't have any new songs. (Will you be singing your husband Chapman To's songs?) He only has two songs, and their offensive too. If I make a cover of his songs, then he'll just be suffering in shame! (Your husband doing the photo shoot for the album cover?) I hope to ask my husband to participate too!"

Priscilla Reflect on Her Past, Will Not Mention "6.4" Again

Recently an 1999 episode of RTHK's Hong Kong Connection circulated online (watch here). At the time, 17 year old Priscilla Wong was interviewed and she talked about her "6.4 feelings" (referring to the June Fourth Incident of 1989) on the show. Priscilla said: "I don't regret talking about it. At the time, I was very honest and didn't think it would broadcast again! When one gets older, their views changes. (Is it because you're an artist now, and don't want to talk about politics?) Not related, I'm just afraid it would impact others. (Worried this might hinder your opportunities in Mainland?) No fear, that was said when I was barely 17 years old. I was still a kid. Watching myself again now, I thought it was very funny!" Netizens responded to Priscilla's comment "when one gets older, their views changes." Netizens urged her not to "betray your former self" and named her "Goddess of Democracy". Priscilla said on Weibo: "My middle school teacher anxiously asked me, what does it mean when someone gets older, their views changes? I said, when one gets older they learn to keep their views, beliefs and commitments in their hearts and not to hang it on the side of their mouth. Honestly, I am a little hurt. I felt heartbroken that year. Today allow me to put it all in my heart, don't talk about it, please?"

Moses Chan "Blushes" In Response to Aimee Chan's Pregnancy Rumor

Moses Chan and Aimee Chan have been dating for two years. Recently it was widely rumored Aimee withdrew from the June martial arts TVB series Cold Mountain Hidden Dragon because she's pregnant and is spending her maternity leave in Canada.

Regarding to the rumor that Moses is ready to accompany his girlfriend to Canada to meet her parents and marry her, Moses responded last night: "Thank you for the blessings. Wait until I actually do get married! I will announce if there is good news."

Since Aimee attended the Slow Boat Home promotion on May 8th, she "disappeared" from the public. Last week, she suddenly withdrew from the new series in June, Cold Mountain Hidden Dragon, because of "personal reasons". Producer Marco Law expressed she's heading back overseas to handle her personal matters. It was rumored Aimee and Moses are getting married in Canada. Earlier Moses responded: "I'm not telling you! If I'm getting married, I will let you know, but I want my personal space too. I won't be sharing every step of the way with everyone."

Yesterday it was rumored Aimee is pregnant and because Cold Mountain Hidden Dragon is a martial arts series, she won't be able to do the action scenes, so she turned it down and is heading back to Canada to await for labor. TVB executive Virgina Lok responded to the rumor. She expressed she is not sure, she will have to find out first. As to the 'lightning marriage' rumor, Miss Lok is unsure. She disclosed Aimee mentioned she had some family issues and wants to request leave to go back to Canada, but Moses is staying in HK. If the rumor is true, Moses would have definitely accompanied Aimee to Canada. It was said Aimee initially took 3 weeks off, but then she extended it to the rest of the year, is Aimee taking maternity leave? Miss Lok did not respond to the question, but she said: "If the rumor is true, then we will have to congratulate them. Moses is a person who has plans for the future and he's at a marriageable age. Aimee is a very good [girlfriend], they're very matching and the audience accepts them."

Preparing for Marriage

Yesterday Moses was on a radio interview and disclosed his wish to start a family: "My life is not perfect yet because I still haven't started my own family. At a young age, I thought I would be married with kids before age 30, but that still did not happen. Nowadays, I value family a lot more, I'm working hard for the future and must really love the person besides me." Asked if he's preparing now? Moses said honestly: "I really am preparing!" He repeated that comment twice. The "Coffee Prince" is ready to be a father. However despite his love for coffee, he will not allow his future son to drink coffee while still at a young age. He is only allowed to drink "babyccino"!

On WhatsApp, the reporter asked Moses: "Then are you going to marry Aimee in June first and then tell us the good news of Aimee's pregnancy?! If she's pregnant, don't let her drink coffee! Tell Aimee to drink babyccino first! =P" Moses responded with a "blushing" emoticon.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Felix Wong defends Sheren Tang

Sheren Tang may have been the only "Beauty At War" star who is brave enough in voicing out her dissatisfaction towards scriptwriter Chow Yuk Ming's work discipline, but fellow actors, especially Felix Wong and Eddie Chung understand her woes.

Jayne Stars reported that at the Hong Kong Star Football Team event recently, Felix, who has worked with Chow before, stated, "Actually, nine out of ten artistes hate receiving uncompleted scripts, but it happens often. It's very difficult and there's not enough time to prepare for the role."

Felix revealed that Chow had so many last-minute scripts during the filming of "The Criminal Investigator" and "Secret Of The Heart" previously that he became furious with the latter.

"20 years ago, we have talked about it. I seriously cannot accept late and incomplete scripts. A professional actor needs time to digest the character. If script comes by bits and pieces, the actor has to rely a lot on the screen writer and producer."

When asked about his thoughts on whether the late and incomplete scripts will affect the ratings of "Beauty At War", Felix said, "I don't think the two are connected but still, actors should be given the finished scripts on time to be productive."

Michael Tse admits departure

Following reports that Michael Tse would not be renewing his TVB contract, the actor himself recently admitted the news and revealed his reasons for it.

According to TVB News, the actor, who was recording for the new "Super Trio Show: Super Nova" recently likened his decision to an end of a phase.

Revealing that he will not be renewing his contract when it expires in July, Michael explained, "It's similar to students graduating from school. They still have to advance to the next grade level. Just like Fala Chen, I am leaving to continue my education."

"Each individual makes different decisions; I want to expand my knowledge elsewhere," the actor added.

When asked if TVB tried to convince him to stay, the "Sergeant Tabloid" actor admitted that the company has offered him a great contract, but one that he had to decline as he hopes to make a breakthrough in his career.

However, the actor revealed that he will not say no to a per-series contract if such was offered to him.

When asked if the small salary was the reason for his departure, Michael stated, "It's been said for several years; TVB gives you more opportunities than money. You cannot make all the money out there. I wish to collaborate with people I haven't before."

However, when asked if he is switching over to Ricky Wong's HKTV, Michael Tse answered simply, "There are still a lot of choices."

Christine Ng on Work, Friends & Gossips - Keeps It All Superficial

Friends think Christine Ng is the "female Anthony Wong" or the "female Eric Tsang", but she's actually not. She is not like the former, frequently trying to be the "Super Righteous Man" nor is she like the latter who makes the wrong comments and offends people. You can say she is conducted with propriety. Some people might think, just by her physical appearance, that she can really be offending or she likes to spread gossips. Looking back at her record, Christine rarely has any gossips, except for the high-profile fall out with former good friend Joel Chan. Towards her job, friends, gossips or the media, Christine will always just touch on it and leave it there, making sure she doesn’t overdo anything.


From 2005 - 2010, Christine was nominated every year for the best actress and best supporting actress awards, but she leaves empty-handed each year. Christine said she doesn't take it to heart, but still has hope. "Actually I'm personally in the calm state already, but I want to emphasize awards is absolutely not the reason why I decided to participate in Beauty At War."

Christine said she waited 9 years for this sequel to happen. "I watched War and Beauty and at the time I thought to myself, wouldn't it be great if I could be in the sequel. I waited so many years, I'm old now and thought it would never happen! Later, I found out Beauty At War was a proposed series and they were recruiting artists. I went to meet TVB executive Catherine Tsang and producer Jonathan Chik to recommend myself." Because of this series, Christine Ng recommended herself to the producer for the first time. This is something most artists are unwilling to do, especially for those at Christine’s level, this action is called ‘casting’. "I said to them, if you are casting, I am willing to accommodate you. They felt surprised, for what reason would I want to do this ‘casting’? I also told them, ‘you can still audition me’. In the end, they didn't do the audition, lucky. Haha."

The FaDan Assessment

She expressed when thinking about the awards, we cannot just look at Beauty At War, there are other series and FaDans too. Christine has been in the industry for 24 years and should have the qualification to assess the current FaDans. She expressed: "Ah Yi (Tavia Yeung) is strong and grounded; Myolie Wu is rather modern, she can do some exploring and try out other things; Sharon Chan, I'm definitely familiar with her. She has a lot of room for development. I think she's too tall and her legs are too long, hahaha. Many guys are not as tall as her." Previously Kate Tsui was rumored on bad terms with Christine, what does she think about her? She said: "I collaborated with Kate in one series. I watched her improve continuously, but I don’t know her well enough, so I don't dare to say too much about her."

Purely A Game

Don't dare to speak? All along, everybody thought there isn’t anything Christine wouldn’t dare to say.. She's given us the impression like she's very casual, straightforward and does things as she pleases. Just like at the Mr. Hong Kong shows, Christine behaved like a wolf, like a tiger, but it turns out everything she did was just to accommodate the show and to create some atmosphere. "The producer told us if the atmosphere was like this or that, it would be great."

We thought Christine is a person full of enthusiasm, but she's the complete opposite: "You think I'm a person with a 100 friends, but actually I don't even go out. I don't like lively atmospheres, I like peaceful atmospheres. For instance, Sharon Chan loves lively atmospheres, but I just can't follow through with her extreme liveliness. She might say to me, 'Sister, let's go eat. I want to see you everyday, I love you.' I say to her, ‘I love her too, but I can only see you once a month. Can you still be my good friend?’ If so, then carry on. I am that type of person. If you invite me out for dinner and I say I need to go home and take a shower, then you can just count me out. Haha. Or perhaps you ask me, why are you not enthusiastic with me? I would ask you enthusiastically, 'Why do you think I'm not enthusiastic?' It's interesting, its a like flirting personality."

Not Talking to Joel Chan

Can other people easily upset Christine? She said she’s not a person who easily gets upset: “I know what you’re trying to ask. Its not easy! Not easy!” Exactly, I did want to want to ask about Joel Chan. We never mentioned his name, but the conversation implied it. Christine added: “I look like someone good at arguing and falling out with someone, but I only had very few fall outs in my life. I just want to tell you, I’m a peaceful person. Honestly, you’ve seen me in the industry for so long, I rarely have any enemies because that’s my personality, I don’t like having enemies.”

“But if someone pisses me off, I won’t talk to them. I would be really, really upset and say ‘I’m not talking to you!’ If you ask me about that person, I’m still not talking to them, no comment. When I’m not forgiving or talking to someone, then I definitely have my reasoning. It should be said this way, I am not a reckless person. Each individual has some kind of chemistry with the other person, whatever happens between them or whatever episode they get into, I don’t think its necessary to be so frank about it.” In all honesty, will Christine really not forgive Joel? “Actually I don’t want to talk about him. All the questions relating to him, that you previously asked me, I’m not responding.” OK! FINE! No problem, I’m just trying to ask the questions I should be asking.

Selena Li Embarrassed Prevents Maid from Watching Her Kiss with Ruco Chan

Yesterday TVB new series Slow Boat Home held a promotional event, the cast including Selena Li, Ruco Chan, Raymond Wong, Lee Yee Man and Oceane Zhu, Cilla Lok and Lee Yee Man attended. Although the TV rating report is not out yet, producer Leung Choi Yuen expressed the first 3 episodes was well-received. He estimates the premiere week's average rating should be around 26-27 points. When Selena Li learned the series got good responses, she expressed she's very pleased to hear the news. When speaking of her passionate kiss scene with Ruco Chan right when she appeared in the series, Selena said: "That night, I was watching the episode with my sister and maid. Ruco and I were kissing on to the sofa, which made it really embarrassing for me. I quickly told the maid to pour me a glass of orange juice as an excuse, so she couldn't watch the scene. My sister said the scene was pretty intense!" Asked whether she'll do more kiss scenes hereafter? Selena smiled and said she will have to see who her partner is and praised Ruco's attentive character.

In the series, Selena played a couple with her ex-boyfriend Patrick Tang. She expressed the producer did ask her before whether she feels comfortable or not, but she said it wouldn't be a problem. "We aren't on bad terms, we are still friends and have chemistry. It's just an interesting feeling. (Any kiss scenes?) Nope! The one with Ruco was the most intense one!" Ruco does not care what the TV rating looks like, as long as there is good public response, then he'll be happy. But his job opportunities depends on how well the TV ratings are? Ruco said: "I don't think about that, most important is to my own part."

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Raymond Lam Takes Karena to Brother's Graduation in US, Secretly Married Too?

Since Raymond Lam and Karena Ng announced their romance, their relationship went a thousand miles in a day. Aside from the sweet vacation to Europe, Japan and other places, Raymond also made his love declaration -- he said "really love" Karena 7 times. A few days ago Raymond posted a photo of him and Karena on WeChat and wrote "I love you to the moon and back". Clearly, Raymond regards Karena as his other half. Earlier he took Karena back to his hometown Xiamen to meet his parents and on Friday (May 17th), Karena accompanied Raymond to the US to attend his little brother's college graduation at the University of Southern California (USC). Raymond had always been family-oriented, even if he's extremely busy, he still took time off to attend his brother's graduation with his parents and girlfriend.

There were Raymond fans at the USC commencement, who spotted the couple together. Fans disclosed on Weibo that they personally witnessed Raymond holding Karena's hand tightly and had bodyguards around them. Karena even took a seat next to Raymond's father, which clearly implies her status as future 'Mrs. Lam'. Although Raymond's parents were around, the couple still remained in their sweet two person world, frequently looking at each other and whispering in each other's ears.

Raymond's mother had also caught Netizens' attention. Fans who saw Raymond's mother in person praised her elegant and refined image. Fans disclosed Karena and Raymond's mother chatted happily, looks like the daughter and mother in law relationship won't be too bad! Other college graduates chatted with Raymond as well, they praised his fluent English and modest personality!

Raymond/Karena Married?

Yesterday an [Oriental Daily] reader exposed their mother is the younger cousin of Raymond's father. Yesterday at the Los Angeles airport, apparently they attended Raymond and Karena's marriage ceremony. As there were witnesses of the couple at the commencement and secret marriage, reporters tried to contact Raymond to confirm, but did not get a response before the deadline of this article. However, Karena's manager responded: "I am not commenting on their personal matters, but their relationship had always been great. Thanks for the concern! (They got married?) No evidence, I am not responding."

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bosco Wong is Afraid of Rumors with Eliza Sam

Yesterday Bosco Wong, Nancy Wu, Eliza Sam, Vincent Wong, Michelle Yim and Mimi Chu attended the costume fitting of TVB new series Mr. & Mrs. Bean. This time Bosco is paired with Eliza, he frankly expressed he's afraid of rumors and asked the media not to "shove" rumors on him. Eliza expressed: "I hope there won't be any rumors either. The audience is very smart, they can distinguish between fact or fiction."

Also, lately there has been several TVB Siu Sang and FaDans having intentions to leave the company, but Bosco expressed his loyalty: "I'm here! I'm bleeding TVB's blood and grew up drinking TVB's milk. I still have a long contract with them." He said he won't be filming Mainland series long-term, "It can get boring. (You have such colorful news!) It's just news, I'm personally not like that."

Vincent Wong is quite lucky in this series, he'll be having a relationship with Nancy, May Chan (Siu Bo) and a bold intimate scene with Mimi Chu. Vincent said: "I have a pretty passionate scene with Mimi jeh. We'll go from standing to lying down. We also have a wet-kiss scene. Mimi said she had never been so intense with a male artist for 20 years. I should really handle this well." Vincent expressed he'll be taking good care of Siu Bo since its her first time having a romantic storyline. He said: "It is my honor. When we're eating rice, I'll grab another bowl for her. (Won't this be a little too heavy on the audience?) No fear, just trying to entertain everyone. I hope everyone will have some tolerance."

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