Friday, May 3, 2013

Yumiko Cheng 'Detained' in Shanghai After Carelessly Losing ID Card & 'Home Return Permit'

The 'clumsy' EEG singer Yumiko Cheng left her wallet on a taxi in Shanghai, losing all of her identification cards and is forced to be detained in her hometown until she gets her ID cards back.

She disclosed on Weibo a few nights ago that she carelessly left her wallet on a taxi. She hoped a sincere person would find it and return it to her. She just wanted her Hong Kong ID card and 'Home Return Permit' back, otherwise she won't be able to come back to HK! [TN: 'Home Return Permit' official name is "Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macau Residents"]. Yesterday afternoon, Yumiko left another message on Weibo expressing she found the taxi driver, but unfortunately could not find her wallet. She went back to the location twice to search for it, but sadly came back empty-handed. Yumiko called herself a clumsy person and should really get a good punishment. She expressed the chances of finding the wallet is probably low, but she's still thankful for the help from her friends and fans.

Yumiko disclosed during a phone interview she was terribly busy running around in Shanghai trying to report her losses and do the paperwork. Initially yesterday she and her fiance (Andy) were scheduled to go back to HK together. Yumiko said: "My boyfriend has work, so he had to leave first. My wallet had about HK$10,000 in cash, losing the money is fine, but reporting the losses of my ID card, Home Return Permit and driver's license is really troublesome. There are also my credit cards. Although I took action on reporting the losses fast, but because its the weekend, I'll have to wait at least 5 more days before I can get back to HK. Well, I guess I'm just going to visit my family. (Has your jobs been affected?) I have jobs, but those could be adjusted. The impact is not big."

Yumiko blamed herself for being so careless and now she's suffering a huge consequence. "I will really reflect on myself. I'm always treating the outside world like its my own home. I leave my things lying everywhere. (Andy didn't tell you off?) No, I need to learn a lesson myself because he picked up after me so many times. Haha." Yumiko is walking around without a penny on her, she laughed: "It feels awesome because I can finally rely on men. My parents gave me some money and my boyfriend left me some too before he went back to HK."


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