Saturday, May 4, 2013

Its Official Joel Chan Broke Up with Florinda Ho, Returns to HK Alone

Last month 36 year old Joel Chan flew to England in hope to rescue his relationship with 24 year old Florinda Ho. After three weeks, Joel finally arrives at the London Heathrow Airport to catch his flight back to HK. Unfortunately, Florinda was no where to be seen, he was at the airport alone. He stopped for an interview with reporters.

Reporter: Broke up with Florinda?

Joel: (expressionless)

Reporter: After this trip with Florinda, is the relationship over?

Joel: (smiles) The relationship is fine.

Reporter: Coming back to HK, did you plan to marry Florinda?

Joel: (calm expression) I have never said anything about marriage.

Reporter: Patch up relationship successful?

Joel: (smiles) I never publicize my relationship issues.

Reporter: You and Florinda are doing fine?

Joel: (firm tone) There had never been issues in our relationship.

Yesterday afternoon at 5pm, Joel appeared at the HK airport alone with his luggage. He had sunglasses on, dressed very casually, didn't shave or gel his hair. He looked like he was in a pretty good mood. There were 50 reporters waiting for him at the airport, Joel stood still for pictures. When asked whether he failed on trying to reconcile with Florinda? He did not respond. It was rumored he has credit card debts? He finally spoke up: "I'm not responding to false news. (It was rumored you're in debt?) No, that is not the truth." With his hands together, Joel said: "Thanks you."

Asked when Florinda is coming back to HK? He said: "You guys should know more than me. You all knew when I'm coming back. (Are you going to shoot TVB series again?) You guys know more than me, but not at the moment. (What will you do back in HK?) I have always had work to do. (Shooting TV series?) Not related to the entertainment circle. I will say it if I can. Later, you all will find out. (You're fitter now.) Thanks!" At one point, the interview got out of hand and one reporter tripped. Joel helped the reporter get back up. Then a male friend arrived to pick Joel up.

Status Changed to "Single"

Two hours later, Florinda changed her status on Facebook. Her status went from "In a Relationship with Joel Chan" to "Single". She also announced on Weibo: "I saw reporters trying to interview my mother and Mr. Chan (Joel) getting defamed. I feel sorry for them. I have never thought I have to clarify fabricated news, but because the media have misplaced their kindness and frequently getting into my privacy and love life, Mr. Chan and I are good friends. We were good friends before, now and we should still be good friends in the future. I just hope everyone will give my family and Mr. Chan their personal space." She addressed Joel as "Mr. Chan" three times in her message and described their relationship as "good friends". The status of their relationship is crystal clear.

It was understood, Joel flew to England in hope to reconcile with Florinda. It was rumored his proposal to Florinda was successful, but that is obviously not the case. In the past, the two would post their intimate photos on social networks, but this time there was not a single one. Florinda had already said to Joel she wanted to break up in England. She wanted to get back to HK and talk it over with Joel before making the official break up announcement, but yesterday she learned that Joel told the public that there were no issues in their relationship, Florinda didn't want to keep it dragging and cause unnecessary misunderstandings. So, she decided to just make the announcement on the social networks.


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