Friday, May 3, 2013

Dayo Wong is Super Skinny, Clarifies He's Not Sick

Yesterday Dayo Wong walked into TVB City with flip flops and very casual dress for the costume fitting of his new series My Prime Lady. Dayo wasn't used to being at TVB City because its been a long while since he's gone back. He said: "I forgot to bring my parking permit and couldn't even get pass the entrance." Dayo has lost a lot of weight, he stressed he is healthy: "The producer was very worried about me, he asked if I'm alright intently. Actually I'm just keeping fit. I'm currently 130 pounds, which is very normal; it's just my face looks thinner and I still have a belly."

Dayo greatly praised this new series, that the script is very interesting. A few days ago, he met with the lead actress Kate Tsui, the producer and the crew for dinner. Asked if he anticipates a kiss scene with Kate? Dayo said: "I don't want kiss scenes to be the main focus, mentioning it once is enough because it'll get boring if you keep talking about it. When the time comes, if there is a kiss scene, then we'll do it. Actually Kate should not be nervous, there will be enough time to rehearse. Since it's rare that I'm back to shoot a TVB series, then we'll spend more time on it to make it better." The current TVB prime time series TV ratings are very low, is Dayo coming back to rescue the company? Dayo laughed: "They'll die if they rely on me! This series probably won't broadcast until August or January 2014. Relax! TVB is very strong!"

Yesterday Kate Tsui attended an event and when speaking of Dayo Wong, she praised he's very liberal towards money. She said: "Dayo is truly very skinny and he has a skinny face too. The other cast like Elena Kong and Sharon Chan are also very thin, so I'm really working hard to lose weight myself. I'm currently just consuming one meal a day. I spent the rest of my time making my own fruit juices. (Will you pass out?) I don't think so! (Telling Dayo to gain weight is easier?) That's difficult, he didn't really eat anything during our dinner meeting." Kate laughed if there is a chance for her to do a kiss scene with Dayo, she will be honored.


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