Monday, May 27, 2013

Aimee Chan to visit sick mother in Canada with Moses Chan

Following recent speculations that Moses Chan and Aimee Chan are in a rush to tie the knot because the latter is pregnant after the actress reportedly withdrew from her TVB drama to “settle some private matters”, an insider has revealed the real reason behind her withdrawal. It was said that the actress applied had to return to Canada to visit her mother who is sick.

The insider further revealed that Moses will be accompanying his girlfriend to visit his “future mother-in-law” and discuss marriage plans at the same time. In a previous interview, Moses admitted that he and his girlfriend are currently preparing for their marriage. It was said that the couple initially intended to get married next year, but the actor has decided to push forward their marriage to this year to lift up the spirits of Aimee’s ailing mother with the good news.
According to the insider, the couple will officially register their marriage before throwing a wedding banquet in Canada.

While Moses previously avoided giving a straightforward answer when asked to comment on the rumours of Aimee’s expectancy, the 42-year-old denied the pregnancy rumours in an interview two days ago. The Hong Kong actor said, “I am a very traditional person, so we will only have kids after we get married. Everything has to follow an order.”

According to the Hong Kong media, Moses is looking for ways to earn more money to save up for his marriage. The actor reportedly intends to leave TVB for China’s more lucrative market once his contract expires. Desperately trying to persuade him to stay, TVB is reportedly negotiating with the actor and has even offered to source for suitable mainland dramas for him.

In response to the reports, Moses said, “It’s true that we are currently negotiating the renewal of my contract. I want to act in mainland dramas and movies so that I can explore the world out there and expand my horizons.”


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