Sunday, May 19, 2013

Selena Li Embarrassed Prevents Maid from Watching Her Kiss with Ruco Chan

Yesterday TVB new series Slow Boat Home held a promotional event, the cast including Selena Li, Ruco Chan, Raymond Wong, Lee Yee Man and Oceane Zhu, Cilla Lok and Lee Yee Man attended. Although the TV rating report is not out yet, producer Leung Choi Yuen expressed the first 3 episodes was well-received. He estimates the premiere week's average rating should be around 26-27 points. When Selena Li learned the series got good responses, she expressed she's very pleased to hear the news. When speaking of her passionate kiss scene with Ruco Chan right when she appeared in the series, Selena said: "That night, I was watching the episode with my sister and maid. Ruco and I were kissing on to the sofa, which made it really embarrassing for me. I quickly told the maid to pour me a glass of orange juice as an excuse, so she couldn't watch the scene. My sister said the scene was pretty intense!" Asked whether she'll do more kiss scenes hereafter? Selena smiled and said she will have to see who her partner is and praised Ruco's attentive character.

In the series, Selena played a couple with her ex-boyfriend Patrick Tang. She expressed the producer did ask her before whether she feels comfortable or not, but she said it wouldn't be a problem. "We aren't on bad terms, we are still friends and have chemistry. It's just an interesting feeling. (Any kiss scenes?) Nope! The one with Ruco was the most intense one!" Ruco does not care what the TV rating looks like, as long as there is good public response, then he'll be happy. But his job opportunities depends on how well the TV ratings are? Ruco said: "I don't think about that, most important is to my own part."


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