Monday, May 20, 2013

Moses Chan "Blushes" In Response to Aimee Chan's Pregnancy Rumor

Moses Chan and Aimee Chan have been dating for two years. Recently it was widely rumored Aimee withdrew from the June martial arts TVB series Cold Mountain Hidden Dragon because she's pregnant and is spending her maternity leave in Canada.

Regarding to the rumor that Moses is ready to accompany his girlfriend to Canada to meet her parents and marry her, Moses responded last night: "Thank you for the blessings. Wait until I actually do get married! I will announce if there is good news."

Since Aimee attended the Slow Boat Home promotion on May 8th, she "disappeared" from the public. Last week, she suddenly withdrew from the new series in June, Cold Mountain Hidden Dragon, because of "personal reasons". Producer Marco Law expressed she's heading back overseas to handle her personal matters. It was rumored Aimee and Moses are getting married in Canada. Earlier Moses responded: "I'm not telling you! If I'm getting married, I will let you know, but I want my personal space too. I won't be sharing every step of the way with everyone."

Yesterday it was rumored Aimee is pregnant and because Cold Mountain Hidden Dragon is a martial arts series, she won't be able to do the action scenes, so she turned it down and is heading back to Canada to await for labor. TVB executive Virgina Lok responded to the rumor. She expressed she is not sure, she will have to find out first. As to the 'lightning marriage' rumor, Miss Lok is unsure. She disclosed Aimee mentioned she had some family issues and wants to request leave to go back to Canada, but Moses is staying in HK. If the rumor is true, Moses would have definitely accompanied Aimee to Canada. It was said Aimee initially took 3 weeks off, but then she extended it to the rest of the year, is Aimee taking maternity leave? Miss Lok did not respond to the question, but she said: "If the rumor is true, then we will have to congratulate them. Moses is a person who has plans for the future and he's at a marriageable age. Aimee is a very good [girlfriend], they're very matching and the audience accepts them."

Preparing for Marriage

Yesterday Moses was on a radio interview and disclosed his wish to start a family: "My life is not perfect yet because I still haven't started my own family. At a young age, I thought I would be married with kids before age 30, but that still did not happen. Nowadays, I value family a lot more, I'm working hard for the future and must really love the person besides me." Asked if he's preparing now? Moses said honestly: "I really am preparing!" He repeated that comment twice. The "Coffee Prince" is ready to be a father. However despite his love for coffee, he will not allow his future son to drink coffee while still at a young age. He is only allowed to drink "babyccino"!

On WhatsApp, the reporter asked Moses: "Then are you going to marry Aimee in June first and then tell us the good news of Aimee's pregnancy?! If she's pregnant, don't let her drink coffee! Tell Aimee to drink babyccino first! =P" Moses responded with a "blushing" emoticon.


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