Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fala Chen Broke Up with Neway Boyfriend?

Earlier Fala Chen suddenly announced she's taking a summer acting course in the US. Fala's TVB contract is also expiring at the end of May, but she hasn't confirmed whether she plans to renew the contract or not! Yesterday morning, Fala wrote a deceptive message on Weibo that seems to imply there is a change in her relationship with boyfriend Sit Sai Hang. Fala wrote in both Chinese and English: "I choose silence, because I don't want to lie, this is the least I can do, for you, and for myself."

Fala and Neway prince Sit Sai Hang have been in a stable relationship for several years, but when she left HK to study in the States, her boyfriend was no where in sight. Fala said: "I'm going to continue my studies. I'm fortunate to have friends whom support my plans in life." Now Fala made a deceptive "I don't want to lie" Weibo post, its hard not to believe that she's referring to her and her boyfriend. Many fans replied on her Weibo asking her what happened? Even good friend Christine Ng asked: "Although I don't know what happened? I support you, good sister!" Not long after, Fala deleted the post.

Yesterday reporters contacted Fala to confirm the meaning of her "I don't want to lie" on Weibo. Are their issues with her boyfriend? She responded via SMS. She clarified: "No related to my love life. Actually, it's nothing special, no big deal. Because I didn't want too many people to worry, I decided to delete the post. Thank you all for the concern."


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