Tuesday, May 14, 2013

2PM reflects on Nichkhun’s drunk driving scandal

After 2PM‘s Nichkhun was sentenced for driving under the influence last year, the boy group revealed that the incident had made a large impact on their lives together.

For their comeback special ‘2PM Returns‘ on MBC, Nichkhun was interviewed on his scandal last year. “I’ll never forget that day,” he said. “I thought that I wasn’t human. I was so sorry to my fans and the members, I cried in front of them for the first time. I’m a foreigner, yet my fans accept me and pour out their love for me. But I felt like I betrayed and disappointed them. All I kept thinking about was how much my fans must be hurting.”

“We had never taken a break after our debut,” Taecyeon remembered. “But after that, all of our schedules were gone. We were initially asked, ‘How about promoting without Nichkhun?’ But it doesn’t make sense to come back as a five-member group.”

Jun.K shared, “There were talks about possibly promoting as a subunit. But we all rejected the offer. We want to come back as six members.”

“Even though it was a mistake, wrongdoing is wrongdoing,” Chansung said. “We might think badly on them for making a mistake, but at that time, I think that Nichkhun hyung himself was very dear to us.”

“We’ll work hard to bring back all of the fans that went away,” Nichkhun promised.


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