Friday, May 3, 2013

Chapman To Blasts at TVB Standing Up for his wife Kristal Tin

Recently Chapman To's wife Kristal Tin have been surrounded by gossips. It was rumored while shooting TVB new series The Tongue Sword Courtroom, a high executive gave her co-star Priscilla Wong special treatment by increasing her screen time, causing Kristal to turn into a supporting actress! Yesterday Chapman blasted at TVB on Instagram. Although he did not clearly state that he was referring to the rumor, he scolded TVB: "I truly admire Mrs. To! Sometimes in a day, she only gets 2-3 hours of sleep, and then has to get up to go to work! After filming his xx 10-20 hours, she comes home and washes my dishes." Regarding the recent rumors, Kristal actually comforted him instead. She said she is just concentrated on the acting and does not take other things too serious. Chapman claimed he's just a rough person. To end, Chapman exploded again: "My wife truly likes acting, but you xx TVB just like to make news!"

Yesterday Kristal accepted a telephone interview, and denied she's on bad terms with Priscilla. She said the rumor was something created out of nothing. Regarding her husband blasting at TVB? She said: "He just cares about me! His reaction is because he loves his wife. His heart aches watching me film for long hours. (Are you not valued by TVB?) I don't think so at all. (Chapman scolded at TVB!) You have to have news in this circle. It's fine, as long as its not too hurtful. (Have you been unhappy about the allocated screen time?) I'm happily collaborating with Roger Kwok, Evergreen Mak and Priscilla Wong. The rumor has not affected me at all. Just treat it as promotion!"

Priscilla responded on Weibo as well: "I found out there was such a funny news when a reporter called me. I didn't know how to respond, even if I wanted to. The entertainment circle's entertainment news is nothing more than for entertainment. Those that don't get into the meat, then just laugh it off. However, I do want to say this story wasn't written well. Tin Dai Yeh, (Kristal) isn't that right?"


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