Thursday, May 2, 2013

Christine Ng Admits Been 'The Other Woman' Before: Its Old News Made New

Lately due to TVB new series Beauty At War, lead actresses Christine Ng (Miss 5) and Sheren Tang have been on the headlines. Yesterday it was reported Miss 5 exposed she used to smoke marijuana; she joined the triad; and she's been "the other woman" before. In regards to this, Miss 5 expressed during a phone interview that it is all true, but the article's content were taken from her pass interviews, where she mentioned these facts. She said: "The reporter called me and asked if I'm like this or that. At the time, I was at my hotel room party and even put the call on speaker for my girl friends to listen. They (reporters) just took my past interview recordings and put it together. I basically didn't do any exclusive interview with them."

It was rumored Miss 5 developed a deep relationship with her Beauty At War palace maid sisters, they partied together and didn't even invite her on-screen elder sister Sheren Tang. Miss 5 expressed although she does not have a sisterly relationship with Sheren nor do they have a deep friendship, but they are definitely not on bad terms. She said: "First, I did invite Sheren to my hotel room party, but she's just too busy and didn't have the time. Sheren has a lot to do, she's really really busy. Actually you all shouldn't make it so complicated. Whoever has time, then they're welcome to come, but I did develop a good friendship with the group of palace maids while we were shooting the series. I can really party crazy with them. When I was filming the series, I really didn't get many opportunities to get in touch with my sister (Sheren)."

Miss 5 stressed she didn't pay for the hotel room party, she joked she just has "good benefits" from having too many friends and good people relations. She said the party was sponsored. When speaking of having a lot more gossips because of her increased popularity? She laughed: "Prepared for this, it definitely will be this way! The most important is being able to help the series."


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