Friday, May 10, 2013

Natalie Tong's acting choices due to late-mother

Despite the criticisms received by the TVB drama, "Bullet Brain", actress Natalie Tong's acting was one of the few that was considered the drama's saving grace.

Popular Asians website reported that the actress, who is known for picking good girl roles, surprised fans with her portrayal of Mui Mui in "Bullet Brain", a dark character with schizophrenic tendencies.

"Playing Miu Miu was a big challenge for me," the actress stated. "To prepare for the role, I locked myself in a bathroom for three hours to get into her mindset. I have always played safe characters and for once, I was given a role that is so unlike me. Initially, I had no idea how to play her, so I spent a lot of time talking with former mental patients and recorded their stories."

Meanwhile, the actress also shared that it was her mother's passing that changed her perception about life and her acting path.

The actress, who has already been in the business for 10 years, stated, "I never really thought about my future. I did not make any effort to work hard. I only wanted to try new experiences at the time."

Back in 2009 when Natalie's mother passed away from a heart attack, Natalie took it upon herself to care for her father and elder brother, turning her from a pampered daughter into a matured adult overnight.

"I used to be fussy about people and surroundings. Now, my thinking is simple and I will not expect others to be with me wholeheartedly," the actress concluded.


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