Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Joyce Cheng ends 5.5 year relationship with Western boyfriend, denies hot Korean model is third party

24 year old Joyce Cheng announced she broke up with her Western boyfriend Mark Ryan two months ago. The two dated for 5 and half years. All along, Mark hoped to make some accomplishments in his career first before he marries Joyce, in order to prevent misunderstandings that he's only after Joyce's assets, in which her mother Lydia Shum left her. Unfortunately, the relationship didn't work and it was rumored that Joyce has a handsome Korean model (Ah Jin) as the third party.

Not long after Joyce started her music career, Mark also established his career in education. The 29 year old Mark planned to marry Joyce once he makes some accomplishments in his career. It was rumored he intends to propose to her by the end of this year, but when we all thought nothing can split the two up, Joyce admitted she and Mark have already been broken up for 2 months. So, are the rumors that Joyce has the new Korean handsome model Jin? Or is it because Joyce and Mark switched to an underground relationship, and is just borrowing the model?

Yesterday after Joyce announced the break up, she received many comforting messages from friends. She wrote on Weibo: "Things that must happen, will eventually happen. Then why not just smile your way through it? I hope everyone don't shed tears." Yesterday during a radio interview, Joyce expressed she initially didn't think about making a special announcement of the break up, but since the news came out, she wanted to clarify for herself. She said she broke up with Mark 2 months ago, and the reason was not because of the handsome Korean model. Joyce said she met Jin when shooting the MV to Brothers and still kept in touch thereafter. When he came to HK for a few days, they met up and unexpectedly, he became the third party! Joyce stressed there is no chance of development with him, he's considered a 'brother'. That Korean male model is named Chui Ho Jeun (Jin), aged 31, stands at 5'11 and is physically charming. He has a 40-inch chest and a beautiful 6 pack.

Joyce expressed the main reason for the break up with Mark is because of the career, where they both hoped to concentrate on the development and also the two had no time to really dispute about it. Thus, the two believed the relationship couldn't go further and so it's best to split up. She described: "The process was like a movie, we just said let's break up."

A relationship that lasted for 5 and half years is not easy, how can they just split up like that? Joyce said Mark taught her no matter what relationship it is, should have mutual support and this isn't just for lovers. So, this mutual support won't change. If she ever holds a concert in the future, she hopes he comes support her as well. Joyce does feel its a pity that the relationship couldn't go on, but she believes in fate and cannot say that there won't be a chance that she may choose Mark again.


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