Friday, March 1, 2013

Ron Ng: I'm Not the Third Party

33 year old TVB Siu Sang Ron Ng was working in Mainland before and had rumors with his 29 year old co-star Tiffany Tang while shooting The Cubicle Woman. Although Tiffany is already dating 31 year old hot Taiwanese actor Roy Qiu, Ron still praised her strongly, which led to rumors that he's the third party in their relationship.

At the time, Ron used Roy as his shield to deny the rumors he had with Tiffany. A month later, Roy personally admitted he and Tiffany are broken up at an event yesterday. However, he did not disclose the reason of the break up. Roy just said: "Relationships are very personal. We are back to being friends now and I think that is better. Thank you all." Unfortunately, this break up left a burden on Ron as the 'third party'.

Yesterday Ron accepted a telephone interview and was shocked to learned the two broke up. "They broke up? I didn't know. I am absolutely not the third party because I already knew she had a boyfriend when we were filming the series. We didn't really talk about our personal lives while at work. All we talked about were jokes and didn't even have the chance to eat together because she usually goes home after work. I would follow the crew back to the hotel."

A Pretty, Sweet & Optimistic Girl

Ron praised Tiffany is a pretty and sweet girl. She has an optimistic personality, but he put the 'road block' up and said there is no chance for them to develop a relationship. He said: "We don't have that type of feeling. We're just friends. If anything were to happen, it would have already happened. I don't have her phone number and it wasn't until after the series ended that we exchanged Weibo. We SMS two times, but it was just normal talk. (Will check to see if she's ok?) Not necessary, maybe she already has a new love interest?"

Ron expressed he is still single and is currently busy shooting series in Mainland. He said it's not easy to find a partner nor does he have time to communicate with them. He said: "I don't even have the time to be with my family, how can I have time to find a girlfriend?"

TVB's "4 New Tigers" Surrounded by Peach Blossoms

In fact, the TVB promoted "4 New Tigers" Ron Ng, Raymond Lam, Kenneth Ma and Bosco Wong are surrounded by several peach blossoms. First, Raymond has his new girlfriend Karena Ng; Kenneth Ma is rumored with Eliza Sam, Myoile Wu, Rebecca Zhu and Natalie Tong; The single Bosco is also not lonely, he has Mainland actress Stephy Qi. Ron said: "Raymond kept it so secret, he didn't even tell me. I've known Kenneth for a long time, and he's always saying he has so many girlfriends, but I know he's just kidding. The majority of them aren't true."


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