Thursday, February 28, 2013

Priscilla Wong Strives to Wash Away Bad Image

Priscilla Wong's debut TVB series Reality Check has been airing and naturally a newcomer like Priscilla will feel pressure. The pressure comes from whether the audience accepts this TV anchor turned actress. She said: "To me, the 'actress' title is really far and high. I really want this title, but I feel an actress should have some luck. I hope the audience will like this series, my personal goal is to become an actress who actually knows how to act. That is how I can continue to be in acting." When speaking of the series airing during the Lunar New Year period had never really done well, she said: "I don't have any idea on the TV ratings, leave that to Louise Lee and Ruco Chan."

Priscilla joined TVB not long ago and her opportunities have come rather quickly. Due to this, she easily attracted rumors that there are TVB executives supporting her, she said: "I think its because nobody knows who Priscilla Wong is, so this extra title is given to me. I hope I can count on my own hard work to wash the title away."

In the series, Priscilla has a "Chaozhou Angry Father", when the father-daughter meet, they often get into arguments. She said in reality, her father is from Chaozhou too, therefore she was able to easily grasp and get into character. Priscilla said: "My father is from Chaozhou too, he wanted a son, so that's why he had the 5 of us sisters. The difference is, he loves the 5 us, but he had always believed girls aren't as good as boys. Therefore, my sisters and I have the same thoughts and really work hard together. We worked really hard in our studies and wanted to show that we can succeed."


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