Thursday, March 28, 2013

Gordon Lam Turns TVB Down Without Second Thought: "I'm Not Needed"

In the past year, TVB Siu Sangs have been focused on their development up north (China) and not many have stayed behind to help the company. TVB are just trying to bring their former Siu Sangs back like Eddie Cheung and Lawrence Ng. It was understood, TVB also has their eyes on 45 year old Gordon Lam who is doing better and better in the film scene. TVB tried to convince Gordon to come back and help them by offering him a script tailored for him. However, Gordon gave TVB the 'lemon' and didn't even considered it. He didn't even ask what its all about and just turned them down. He firmly said: "I can't help them nor am I qualified to!"

TVB used to be the boss, whoever was in the blacklist, they will never be hired. However, today the situation has changed entirely. There are just too many outside channels that artists can utilize and the television giant can no longer have such an enormous voice. In fact, they have to tone it down and try to persuade their former artists to come back. Two years ago, the 45 year old actor, produced his first low-budgeted film Gallants, which won Golden Horse's "Best Film" award. He even had three Golden Horse nominations for "Best Supporting Actor". Gordon is definitely not a small potato anymore! He's been in the industry for 24 years and was once a TVB Siu Sang. The majority of his series got over 40 points TV rating and set the record for being in a TVB Anniversary Series for 4 consecutive years. Unfortunately, the time at the company became dull and it felt like he was in jail. Because it was difficult to tolerate, he left TVB after shooting Country Spirit 12 years ago.

Gordon disclosed: "TVB contacted me last year, but I didn't even ask for the details and just turned them down! (Maternal home needs your help though?) I don't see that! Honestly, they are a large corporation; they have to many people; they have so many Siu Sangs coming out each year. I am not qualified to help them. Actually it's better for them to train the young Siu Sangs rather than seeking external help. The most important is to find artists with potential and fire. Can't just rely on the good looks, otherwise they're just a pretty face. Just like Mandy Wong has the potential and Oscar Leung has the fire, he should really have the heart [for acting]! Over the years, there has been many handsome guys and beautiful girls who came out of TVB. The true leading actor/actress is who can bring the TV series into the house and draw in the gap with the audience, just like Ha Yu or Liu Wai Hung. Back in the day, I was a nobody, I wasn't as handsome as the others, but I was able to get into the house and become a lead actor."

Gordon doesn't need the TVB platform, he has many other opportunities. He laughed: "I'm greedy! If God gives me 3 wishes, I hope to become a director, scriptwriter and a lead actor in the future and have achievements in each one of those jobs."


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