Friday, March 15, 2013

Joey Meng & Ben Wong Fighting to be the Junior

Yesterday Joey Meng and Ben Wong were shooting outdoor scenes for TVB new series Food for Slaves. Joey was dressed in her ancient costumes and doing the fighting scenes like a pro. She frankly expressed this is her first fighting scene in a costume series. The style is different from before, and definitely needs some physical work. She smiled and said she practically has to fight in every scene: "It's kinda of fun actually, I have to go back and see if I got any injuries. But, I've been doing stretches recently, I want to practice doing the splits. (You have long arms and legs, did you ask the director to add some Kung Fu footwork?) Nope! Sometimes, the director tells me not to stretch my legs too far out, otherwise my arms and legs might not fit in the camera's frame."

Joey and Ben have a romantic storyline in the series. When asked if Ben gave her any advice? He joked: "Nope, she's my senior!" Joey immediately squealed: "Huh? Are you kidding! I'm the junior!"


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