Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Myolie Wu Dares Not to Eat with the Opposite Sex

Yesterday Myolie Wu attended The 11th More Beauty Product Awards Ceremony with Joey Meng and Ella Koon as guest award presenters. Clearly desperate to be in a relationship, Myolie expressed she hopes to grow her hair out again, she said: "Longer hair is better. This year my goal is to be more feminine. (Want peach blossom fate?) Let nature take its course. The market is bigger when you are more feminine."

The single Myolie is frequently getting rumors, such as with the Mainland Siu Sang Bruce Yu. She said: "I think he's quite handsome, but we are just colleagues." Myolie sighed expressing she fears people will have their mind set on one person and she won't have any choice, therefore she's afraid to eat out with the opposite sex. Reporters mentioned there are many handsome guys in Mainland? She laughed: "Yes, but they are just colleagues. Also, I have to get pass you all (reporters) first." She believes the most important is to have things in common and being able to communicate. If she just starts a relationship so easily, she won't know how it will end, but she does not have a fear of suffering a loss.

Earlier she and ex-boyfriend Bosco Wong attended the same event in Shanghai, but avoided one another. Myolie denied: "We were working together, but didn't have the opportunity to meet. We often bump into each other at TVB, just nobody has seen them. If there is a chance to greet him, I would do so."

It was reported TVB made arrangements for their FaDans to accompany guests to drink in Shenzhen? Myolie joked: "Why didn't they ask me to go? Shenzhen isn't bad, is that true?" She strongly supported that TVB is a healthy company, they will not do such thing. "If TVB does make arrangements, I am not worried, there will definitely be an assistant to accompany us. I never had such experience, and the situation may not be what everyone thinks it is. Perhaps its just social networking, normal social interactions."

Ella Koon Comes from Wealthy Background

Recently Ella Koon reportedly has a wealthy father and she moved into a luxury home that cost her a monthly rent of HK$150,000. Ella admitted her family owns a jewelry business, but expressed her greatest premise is to not affect her family, therefore she does not usually mention her family. Although she comes from a wealthy family background, Ella still hopes to rely on her own hard work to earn and save money to buy a home. She expressed each month, she will be a responsible daughter and give her family 5 figures of housekeeping money. Also, she denied her monthly rent is HK$150,000 and was unwilling to disclose the actual rent, but she did admit rent is higher than before. Ella is thankful to have the support of her new company, otherwise she would not have found such a good home. Ella said she is not cohabiting with her boyfriend in the new home.


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