Thursday, March 28, 2013

Christine Kuo apologises to Lynn Hung

Christine Kuo recently made an apology to Lynn Hung for her comments about the relationship rumour surrounding Aaron Kwok and herself.

According to Asianpopnews website, the actress recently dismissed the scandal between her and the Hong Kong heavenly king Aaron Kwok, later referred to it as "a rotten peach flower".

However, while speaking to the media at an event that was held on 24 March, Christine apologised to Aaron's girlfriend Lynn Hung for her insensitive remarks.

The actress stated, "I should make an apology. I am not very fluent in Chinese and I could have used the wrong words. I will not respond again. I am afraid that I may say the wrong things again and implicate others into the picture."

The actress was referring to Lynn Hung's statement earlier, when the model-actress was asked regarding Christine's "rotten peach flower" comment.

Lynn, who praised the actress as a sweet looking girl, only hinted, "It will be fine as long as you do not provoke the peach flower!"


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