Friday, March 15, 2013

Yoyo Mung Terminates TVB Contract: No Jobs, Why Renew Contract?

Yesterday Yoyo Mung was on a radio interview and personally admitted that she had decided two days ago that she will not be renewing her TVB contract. She said: "TVB and I remain in friendly relations. At this moment, TVB is still my maternal home. Whatever my future path is like, this circle is round, there will always be a turning back. Leaving temporarily does not mean forever." In regards to her being excluded from her new series A Great Way to Care II promotions, she expressed she has not been affected by it. "I will promote the series on my own."

She frankly expressed before renewing the contract, she wanted to know what future jobs TVB had in stored for her, but unfortunately the company had no arrangements, which made her question, "why would I need to renew the contract then?" On the contrary, when Yoyo met with Ricky Wong, he asked her what type of role does she wish to portray or what kind of role does she want to try? Although she still has not signed a contract with Ricky Wong (HKTV), the chances are pretty high.


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