Friday, March 1, 2013

Myolie Wu & Bosco Wong 'Two Hearts Linked' Wears Same Color @ Shanghai Event

Last summer, Myolie Wu announced she ended her 7 year relationship with Bosco Wong. Since then, the two successfully avoided awkward moments by skipping the TVB large-scale events. A few days ago, Myolie and Bosco attended the press conference of their new Mainland series in Shanghai. They did not meet at all since they appeared on stage separately. However, Myolie and Bosco coincidentally had on the same color outfits.

It turns out the two only had the opportunity to be at the same event was all because they were filming series by the same investment company. Bosco represented his new series Young Sherlock. When Bosco was asked about this love life, he probably knew his ex-girlfriend was at the same event, so he decided not to comment. He just expressed he won't feel awkward to be at the same event as Myolie. "I rushed over from Hengdian this morning, so we didn't have the chance to interact. Backstage, we weren't in the same makeup room either, so haven't met her. (Coming out one after the other!) We're in different series, why would we be on the stage together? (Meet in private backstage?) Nope, once this is over I'm flying back to Hengdian! (A pity?) Just work, no problem. (Do you still keep in touch with Myolie?) Not recently, we're busy with our own things!"

Following Bosco's series, Myolie comes out representing the female lead of Red Wine Smart Woman. She appeared with Taiwanese actor Roy Qiu. Myolie expressed he role frequently gets hurt by love. She franky expressed it feels very much like her real life. When speaking of not being on the same stage as Bosco? She said: "Actually I knew about it before, but we didn't end up meeting. Even if I do see him, there won't be any awkwardness. (You two had the same color clothing!) I really didn't know!"


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