Sunday, March 3, 2013

Kenneth Ma Tears Up Awarded ‘Most Outstanding Actor’ by HK Filmmakers

Last night, the Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers presented the Most Outstanding Performance TV Actor and Actress 2012 awards to Kenneth Ma and Tavia Yeung. The pair have been winning awards based on their series The Hippocratic Crush from Malaysia (Astro) to HK. Kenneth felt so emotional he started tearing up and Tavia quickly helped him wipe the tears away with a tissue. Kenneth expressed emotionally: "I cry easily, sorry. This award was voted by the HK filmmakers, so its really a great encouragement. Last year, Moses Chan got it, this time I can get this award, a lot of the credit goes to my partner, Tavia getting the award I'm even more emotional. I feel lucky working as a pair with her." When Tavia learned the award were based on votes from the HK filmmakers, she said: "Really? It turns out this award is that heavy weighted, I feel emotional too, no wonder Kenneth was so emotional. TV Queen was voted by the audience, this time its recognition from the filmmakers, and this is my first time here, I really cherish it."


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