Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Angela Tong & Chin Ka Lok's Baby Girl Alyssa 7lbs-3oz Born 7 Days Early

On March 10th at 12pm, Angela Tong went into labor at the Canossa Hospital (Caritas), and gave birth to the 7 pounds, 3 ounces baby girl Alyssa via natural delivery. Baby Alyssa has lots of hair and looks very cute. Yesterday Angela and her husband Chin Ka Lok shared the good news. Angela's recovery after the natural delivery is going very smoothly, she looked well spirited, but she still has a bulging belly. As the couple left the hospital, Chin Ka Lok gave Angela kisses several times and disclosed they already hired someone to help with "sitting the month" (postpartum confinement month). Angela's going to be on break and focus entirely on being a mother and she'll be breast feeding as well.

Chin Ka Lok revealed his wife was expected to due on March 17th, but her water broke on the 10th, so she was sent to the hospital at 7am and gave birth to Alyssa in the afternoon. Chin Ka Lok expressed he didn't plan to go into the delivery room, but the moment he wanted to fulfill his childhood dream of just waiting outside the delivery room, the nurse was already rushing him into the room to accompany Angela. Because of that, he was able to witness the most important moment. He described the moment as if he was shooting an action movie, he was like the action director trying to tell his wife to breathe. He said: "I think she used her strength in the wrong area, she put it all on her face. I taught her to breathe like she's pooping. The nurse asked me to be more direct, but I personally wanted to hold back and have a little imagination."

When the couple heard the sound of their daughter's cry, they were moved to tears. Chin Ka Lok said: "My wife was crying like a faucet and I was like a small fountain. Luckily I went into the delivery room, the entire situation was so subtle, miraculous, really amazing, incredible and wonderful. I really cherish the moment." Chin Ka Lok expressed he initially refused to cut the umbilical cord because he was worried he wouldn't do a good job and cause his daughter's belly button to look ugly. In the end, the doctor asked him if he's just afraid of blood? He said: "I thought to myself, I'm used to filming action movies, how could I be afraid! At first, I thought it was just one cut, but turns out you have to make a few determined cuts. I'm very happy, can't believe Chin Ka Lok can become a father. I just feel like I'm dreaming." Angela exposed: "Him?! He immediately took out a camera and asked me to take pictures for him!"

Angela revealed she was in pain for 2 hours during labor, but Ka Lok said: "At the time, she was so confused. She asked me if she'll be able to do it. I said the same thing I said to Nicholas Tse, when he had to jump from the 8th floor during the filming of The Viral Factor, I said to him: 'Don't think you can't do it, you have to think about how to do it.'" When asked who he thinks his daughter resembles more, mother or father? Chin Ka Lok laughed: "The nurse said she looks more like me. I immediately thought of Bonnie (one of the contestants on Bride Wannabes), of course its better to look like mom! The grandparents thought she looks like me too. My daughter's eyes are very wide, her big eyes must look like her mom." He joked he's considering naming his daughter "Chin Ching", but ultimately his father will have to make modifications. The couple loves children, therefore after Angela's recovery, they plan to have more children. Chin Ka Lok said: "I hope to get a little brother for Alyssa!"


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