Friday, March 8, 2013

Mimi Lo Gives Up TVB Contract for her Daughter

Lately it has been rumored Mimi Lo was displeased with TVB trying to 'collect debt' from her and so decided to not renew her contract. Yesterday Mimi accepted a CRHK radio interview and said: "I've said before in another interview that its because of my daughter, especially the first year went by so fast, so I decided not to renew the contract. I have never said I got nothing out of the 10+ years I've been with TVB. I just feel that statement is what you were hear in Cantonese movies. Those words won't come out of my mouth and I didn't explode at TVB!" When asked about TVB 'collecting debts' from her? She said: "Not collecting debts, my contract didn't end yet. It is only called a debt after the contract ends. It was because last year due to my pregnancy, I stopped working and this year I have to make up for it. Of course I'm a little unhappy getting chased. (TVB made arrangements for you to renew the contract?) Not at the time. Maybe there is some misunderstanding, but later someone came to talk to me about contract renewal and I really just want to take care of my daughter. I just felt really pressured. (What does your husband Power Chan think?) He never stops me from making decisions about my work. I do whatever I like. My husband's position is just to comfort me."


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