Sunday, March 24, 2013

Ruco Chan Denies Fighting for Screen Time with Classmate Edwin Siu

Yesterday Ruco Chan and Priscilla Wong attended the "Fluffy House" Easter event. It was rumored while Ruco and Edwin Siu were filming TVB series Brother's Keeper, they were fighting for more screen time. It turns out the two are the same age and are classmates back in elementary school. They were rumored to have been competing from childhood until now. Ruco said: "Filming for that series has already completed, perhaps because we didn't have any rumors with the female leads, so there's rumors that we're on bad terms. I'm older than Edwin, it makes more sense for me to be his older brother, but I do envy that he has a lot more shows than me. I have never competed with him. I love playing ping-pong, but he likes soccer. Maybe we should do a sports competition one day."

This is the first time Ruco and Priscilla Wong attended an event as a 'couple team'. Priscilla thanked Ruco for bringing the opportunities to her: "He's a beautiful housewife killer. Unfortunately, I don't have the qualities to be one." Also, after shooting the daring travel show Pilgrimage of Hope (走過烽火大地), Tony Hung, will be partnering up with the experienced travel show host Priscilla Wong in a new travel show (走過浮華大地) -- they will be visiting places such as the United Kingdom and France.


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