Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Gallen Lo spotted on HK streets with eight-month pregnant Sophie Su

Celebrity couple Gallen Lo and Sophie Su was spotted on the streets of Causeway Bay on Monday, where they reportedly shopped for pink and white infant garments, which hint that they are expecting a baby girl.

When asked if he knows of the baby's gender yet, the dad-to-be laughed, 'I do, but I'm not telling.'

Gallen then asked the reporter for directions to Hilary Tsui's boutique in return, claiming to be good friends with the latter's husband, Eason Chan. Though the actor wanted to check out the shop after hearing that it carries lovely apparels, the couple left the boutique empty-handed.

Displaying their bliss uninhibitedly, Gallen and Sophie wore outfits that showed off the couple tattoos on their ankles, and the actor even pinned a badge printed with their portrait on his backpack.

The couple met in 2007 while filming drama Perfect Ending. Gallen, who moved to China after his divorce with Fong Man Yee in 2008, tied the knot with Sophie in 2009 and announced her pregnancy last October.


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