Thursday, March 28, 2013

Jolin Tsai slammed for indecent exposure

Jolin Tsai was recently slammed by the Chinese media for being “indecent” after she reportedly exposed her underwear while performing a split during her concert.

The Taiwanese singer recently embarked on her world tour 2013. Wearing a jewel-studded costume, Jolin put on her usual sexy dance performances at her show in Haining, China two nights ago.

However, the 32-year-old exposed her underwear while performing a split and the incident gained widespread attention after the Chinese media went into an uproar.

Jolin was criticised by the Chinese media for being “indecent”, claiming that it was unsightly to see her perform complicated gymnastics dance moves in her revealing dance costume.

In response to the reports, Jolin’s manager claimed that Jolin did not expose her underwear. “People thought it was her underwear, but what they saw was actually a pair of jewel-studded safety shorts which was specially designed for the concert,” he said.

Her manager also emphasised that Jolin’s performance was “absolutely decent” and said that Jolin usually wears two pairs of safety shorts under her dance costume.

“Jolin always ensures that her dance moves are done to perfection. She is well aware that her movements and actions are usually exaggerated during her dance performances so she always makes necessary precautions to prevent exposing herself.”


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