Sunday, March 3, 2013

Raymond Lam Regards Karena Ng as Family & Marriage Partner

Yesterday Raymond Lam attended the autograph session for his A Time 4 You album. He arrived at the event on time and it seems like he's changing the bad habit! When asked if he's listening to his girlfriend Karena Ng and finally changing the bad habit? He laughed: "I've always been changing, actually I'm not that serious! (Influenced by Karena BB?) Well, when two people are together, mutual influence is a good thing."

When speaking of Karena mentioning earlier that she likes to call Raymond by his birth name "Ah Man" (Lam Wui Man), reporters were curious and asked whether they could call him Ah Man too? Raymond blurted out: "Only my family calls me by that name." Asked if Karena is family? He smiled sweetly and nodded. Asked whether they slept on the same bed on their vacations and were they afraid of an "accident"? He expressed he does not want to comment on his personal life. As Raymond was speaking, he had a head full of sweat, but he immediately explained: "It is not because of the questions you are asking, I just finished dancing." Asked if Raymond sees Karena as someone he would marry? He frankly expressed "Yes."

Regarding the rumor that Raymond is too into his dating life and has been turning away jobs just because he wants to go the vacations with Karena, Raymond explained he didn't know about the film promotion schedule and he'll be heading to Beijing tomorrow to promote for his new film Saving General Yang.


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