Friday, March 22, 2013

Ruco Chan Pursuing Myolie Wu? Depends on Fate

Yesterday Myolie Wu, Ruco Chan and Jason Chan attended a fashion show. Myolie appeared dressed in a low-cut back revealing Harvey Nichols outfit. When she sat down to enjoy the fashion show, she almost exposed herself, but Myolie told everyone to relax because she done all the necessary safety measures. She said: "Super safe. I have never exposed myself before. Even if pictures get taken, there is nothing to see!"

There were a bunch of pimples seen on Myolie's forehead, she explained its a skin reaction from the hat she's wearing for TVB new series No Reserve (Rosy Business 3). Myolie praised Ruco and Jason are considered handsome men, but she had never collaborated with them before. She also expressed its been a long while since she had a vacation, so after she completes No Reserve, she'll be taking some time off. She hopes to go on a vacation to France with friends. Myolie said excitedly: "I like shopping for clothes and shoes. I'm a shoe addict, I own over a 100 pairs."

France is a romantic place, wouldn't it be a waste to go without a boyfriend? She said there's no other choice. Will she find a French boyfriend during her trip? She said: "That's good too, I can learn some French. I've never dated a French person before and if there is one, I won't resist."

Ruco was happy to hear Myolie complimented that he's handsome, he also hopes to collaborate with Myolie one day. He expressed: "Myolie really put int a lot of thought into this event and she kept a very good body figure. Myolie has portrayed a lawyer in series before, and so have I. We could try a lawyer series together." He modestly expressed he has no fashion sense, when asked if he'll find a girlfriend with fashion sense? He said: "That's good too." Reporters mentioned Myolie has sense in all aspects, she doesn't have a boyfriend now, will he consider pursuing her? Ruco smiled: "Huh? (You don't dare to pursue her?) I cannot say there won't be a possibility. Fate is hard to predict. Myolie has so many pursuers now."


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