Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Shirley Yeung works hard for child

Actress-singer Shirley Yeung is adamant in showing that she can support her daughter Krystal on her own, and she has been doing a good job in keeping her word.

According to Jayne Stars website, TVB executive, Virginia Lok recently expressed that she is proud with the actress' hard work to support her family. She revealed that Shirley has been helping her constantly and as her token of gratefulness, Virginia has been offering Shirley job opportunities whenever possible.

Despite not been active in filming dramas, Shirley has raked in an annual income of HKD2 million, mainly from lucrative stage performances in mainland China, as well as endorsement fees and promotional appearances.

In February, the actress was spotted taking her one-year-old daughter to a playgroup in Wan Chai. An insider revealed, "Shirley was very focused on providing her daughter with a good education. The playgroup charged HKD500 per month, aiming to stimulate young children's senses through a variety of activities and games and she was determined to let Krystal in."

"The teachers are very professional and caring towards the children. Furthermore, spots for the one-year old class were limited, and a draw had to be used to determine the students' enrolments," the insider added.

Ever since her breakup with boyfriend Gregory Lee, the actress has been supporting her daughter alone. Despite the many rumours that Krystal's father may have been Gregory or Andy Ng, the actress has decided to keep mum about the identity of her daughter's biological father.


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