Monday, March 4, 2013

Bowie Lam Witnessed Sheren Tang Secretly Crying while Shooting 'Beauty At War'

Yesterday Bowie Lam attended an awards ceremony hosted by a magazine. In the past year, Bowie has focused at the Mainland film scene and rarely seen in HK. When he encounters HK fans asking him of his whereabouts, he can only tell fans that he has already retired and that they should give up on waiting for his new series.

When speaking of the rumor that Sheren Tang developed depression from all the stress while shooting Beauty at War. Bowie said: "Perhaps I have good self-regulation, so haven't fallen ill. At the time, there was a lot of stress. I felt like I went from a veteran to a newcomer. My first scene was with Sheren, we NGed 40 times! I was about to start cursing from all the filming because the script was really hard to memorize and had too many drug names. When Sheren and I were watching the playbacks, I noticed she sat aside and cried to herself. She felt she didn't do a good job. I hope we're all healthy and happy now that its over."


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