Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Myolie Wu Saw a Psychiatrist Back During 'To Grow with Love'

Yesterday Myolie Wu was recording for TVB show Cook Away Lady in Causeway Bay. Was she asked of her love life on the show? Myolie laughed: "Talking about my love life again? That's boring. I'm here this time to learn cooking. (Don't you have a new target?) No, we are always talking about this everyday. (Didn't go out on a date with rumored boyfriend Mao Zi Jun on New Year's Eve?) Don't speak nonsense, we are just colleagues. Lately, you all are way too worried about me. (Good friend Nancy Wu is already in a relationship?) Nancy is low-key, she made her relationship public not because she wanted people to envy her." As for Nancy Wu showing off her body figure in TVB series Season of Love? Myolie frankly expressed her role is not like that, leave all that to her partner Kenneth Ma because he'll have a scene where he goes on a nude run. She reminded everyone to watch it!

Myolie denied she's in a rush to start a new relationship nor will she go for a lightning marriage. She wants to wait for the 'suen poon' in her heart to appear in her life first. When asked if her 'suen poon' has to be a TV King? She expressed: "TV Kings, there are not many choices, most of them are married. (What do you think of Kevin Cheng or Kenneth Ma?) No good, I have to start filming Rosy Business 3 in the next few days and will be filming for the next several months. When the time comes, I will not be thinking so much. (Are you afraid you might get depressed like Sheren Tang did when filming Rosy Business 3?) The plot is heavy, I am a little worried. I know my emotions will fluctuate and so I'm mentally prepared for it. I will come up with something and make good arrangements, so I won't get so emotional after each scene. (Have you ever had depression?) Back when I was shooting To Grow with love, because I didn't know ahead of time that I had to lose weight in such a short amount of time. (How did you resolve it?) I later went to see the doctor, who put me on medication. It wasn't considered serious. (A specialist or a psychiatrist?) I went to see a psychiatrist. Actually many people have, just that I didn't know at the time."


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