Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ada Choi's Second Daughter is Born! Zhang Ziyi Rushed to Visit Her "See Mo"

Yesterday afternoon Max Zhang posted good news on Weibo, he announced Ada Choi gave birth to their second child on March 25th, both mother and daughter are healthy. He uploaded a new family photo on Weibo and wrote: "Women going through pregnancy for 10 months, it's easier said than done. Life is wonderful, thank you God!" Ada responded immediately: "Congrats Mr. Zhang! A house with three beauties, you are the happiest man!"

Their eldest daughter, Chor Yee was 9.4 pounds at birth, but the couple didn't disclose the weight of their newborn this time, but from the photo "little Ada" looks just like her sister Chor Yee. Max taught international superstar Zhang Ziyi swordsmanship when she worked on Couching Tiger Hidden Dragon back in 2000 and they recently worked on The Grandmasters together Yesterday Zhang Ziyi visited the couple at the hospital and even showed off her maternal love by carrying "little Ada" for pictures. On Weibo, Zhang Ziyi reminded her [martial arts] "see fu" (master) to take good care of "see mo" (master's wife) on Weibo: "One moment that makes me especially happy is watching my friend bath in happiness. Congratulations 'Empress' (Ada) for getting another 'princess'. Ma Sam, (Max's role in The Grandmasters) if you don't treat Ada Choi well, then the 'eight trigram palm' of the Kwoon family (Ziyi's role in The Grandmasters) will not forgive you!" Max is getting quite a bit of attention for his role as Ziyi's "see hing" and back during Couching Tigers, he had already been Ziyi's stunts double, therefore they developed a deep friendship.


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