Wednesday, March 6, 2013

81 year old Lee Heung Kam's Public Appearance: "I Remember Everything!"

Lately it has been reported that 81 year old Lee Heung Kam (Kam jeh) developed dementia and due to 3 falls last year, she now unable to walk. To stop the public from further speculating, yesterday she made an appearance and spoke loudly to show her high spirits.

Yesterday afternoon at 12:40pm, Virgina Lok arrived at Lee Heung Kam's home to pick her up in a 7-seater van. Kam Jeh carefully dressed for her meeting with Virgina and had make up on too. She looked in a good mood, smiling and waiting at reporters. Inside the van, Virgina rolled down the windows and allowed Kam jeh to clarify her recent rumors. She expressed: "The media is always saying I have bad memory, I remember everything!" Virgina added Kam Jeh can speak loudly and is very well-spirited.

Virgina and Kam jeh arrived in Mongkok to meet Ho Lai Cheun, Tam Ping Man and other good friends at the hotel. When Kam jeh got out of the van in a wheel chair, she smiled "I'm doing well." Virgina said "Kam jeh is very healthy, it really bothers her when people say she's sick." Kam jeh expressed she frequently goes to the Mongkok hotel to have tea, Ha Gow, Siu Mai and stir fry noodles. With that said, Kam jeh's friend pushed her into hotel.

Kam jeh was asked if she still plans to work? She will never retire, her only conditions are she must stay in HK and cannot work overnights. She can still make guest appearances in TV series.


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