Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Eliza Sam's First Leading Role in Romantic Film co-starring Wong Cho Lam

The new generation goddess Eliza Sam (Heung Heung) takes on her first leading role in Patrick Kong's new romantic comedy film Delete Lover (Delete愛人) co-starring Wong Cho Lam. Heung Heung rose to popularity in last year's TVB series Divas In Distress and instantly became the goddess in the hearts of 'home boys' after she showed off her 33C body figure. Now that she's taking on her first lead role in a film, of course she'll be on the headlines.

It was understood, the filmmakers are planning to pair Wong Cho Lam and Heung Heung up, give them a kiss scene and other passionate intimate scenes. This will be Heung Heung's first on-screen kiss and she's giving it to Wong Cho Lam. When speaking of this new film, Wong Cho Lam expressed he really anticipates this collaboration and was all praises for Heung Heung. Asked if he already told his girlfriend Leanne Li about it? He laughed: "I mentioned it, actually we don't get involved in the other's work or jobs."

Wong Cho Lam's popularity skyrocketed after his TV Series Inbound Troubles and his performance on a Hunan TV music show. This time entering the film scene, director Patrick Kong had a lot of confidence on Cho Lam, he expressed: "I've known him for a long time, we think very much alike and this time I'll be tailoring a script for him. Aside from comedy scenes, I'll give him some other inner feeling scenes for him to develop on. This film will have elements of love, family and bring a message to the audience!"


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